Coming to Blu-ray from Rooster Teeth and Cinedigm is the continuing adventure of “RWBY.”

The huntsman gang has made its way back to Haven Academy to discover that important relics are missing. The Spring Maiden has run away and Crow’s sister Raven has taken up with bandits and now Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones), Crow Branwen (Vic Mignogna), Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle), Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech) and Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman) have no choice but to track her down and retrieve what has been taken.

Leader Professor Leonardo Lionheart (Daman Mills) is upset that the kingdom is in shambles and knows he has to convince the council that they need to plan a rescue. What the group doesn’t is that Arthur has the Professor under close watch and he is answering to mystic power.

While waiting for what is to come, a young man named Oscar Pine (Aaron Dismuke) surprises the group. Still dealing with the repercussions of White Fang, Sienna of Mistral has Adam being chastised for not dealing with the humans. He introduces the idea of waring with the humans by believing they should serve the Faunus and a coupe takes place.

On the island, the group hears about the Fallen Beacon from the Chieftan and they know it is Adam’s order that caused it all. They know about the potential attack on Haven Academy and want to help bridge the gap between the Faunus and Humans and stop Adam!

With Crow and Ruby gone, Oscar takes over the training of the group with only one month until the Academy is back in session. He swears he will not go easy on them! While Yang looks for the two, she is surprised to find her mother but it works in her favor when a portal can be used to find them.

Instead, she finds Weiss who isn’t about to let her friend Yang be pushed around. While in training, Oscar learns that everyone in the group is inspiring and even when they remember how difficult the journey has been so far. Ilia (Cherami Leigh) is told that Adam is now the leader of the group and that the White Fang is going through a change and the Belladonnas need to be silenced.

Yang and Weiss learn staggering truths about Oscar and the Haven Academy. They learn about the Grimm and what they are capable of. When the group finally comes together once again, they share stories about where they have been. Yang learns that what her mother Raven (Anna Hullum) has said is the truth and the group must decide whether to continue or break away.

Weiss realizes that Yang is having a difficult time with family matters. Ruby is concerned as well but trusts that things will be okay. Ilia meets with Blake but what happens to them both is shocking.

Discovering the Maiden Spring in the care of Yang’s mother, Cinder and Arthur are trying to cut a deal with Raven. Unlock the relic and Salem will be left in peace. Creating a plan to attack the Haven Academy, Raven has a condition that Cinder is happy to comply with.

Forced to fight Blake, Ilia is now in confusion knowing she has a dangerous choice between a friend and the White Fang. Stopping Adam from his path of destruction, Blake knows she needs to Fanus to help.

When Leonardo is exposed to where his loyalties lie, an internal battle begins when Cinder announces that the White Fang are about to destroy everything. Hazel is furious when discovering that Ozpin is near but she should be keeping an eye on Cinder as the vault is opened.

Raven has a surprise for Cinder and the battle for the Relic is on. Now Weiss must summon the Lancer Queen if they are to have any hope. Blake has one shot at stopping Adam as his plans to destroy the school come every closer.

Ghira becomes the new leader of the White Fang and despite being angry at Blake, they welcome her back into RWBY. Yang has a final row with Raven but it is what she does next that sets in motion the next chapter.

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The Bonus Features on the “RWBY” Blu-ray include “5 Years of ‘RWBY,’” is a behind the scenes retrospective that explores how the production of “RWBY” has changed over the years. This exclusive content includes never before seen interviews and “Weiss Character Short” – All her life, Weiss Schnee has lived a privileged and pampered life…but it did not come without its own hardships.

Also included is “Blake Character Short” – The White Fang was once a peaceful organization fighting for true equality for the Faunus. Over the years, however, many members began to favor violent and extreme tactics in order to demand respect from the humans of Remnant. Though Blake Belladonna eventually decided to leave the White Fang and its growing acts of terror, not all of her friends made the same decision.

“Yang Character Short” — You know that Ruby is unstoppable with her scythe, but Yang knows the true power of hand-to-hand combat. In the midst of a weapon-free training session, can Yang convince her sister of the importance of fighting without a weapon? Finally, “CRWBY Series” – Have you ever wondered how “RWBY” is made? Each week, “CRWBY: Behind the Episodes” gives you a peek at the magic, highlights the animation process, and introduces you to the animators, engineers, producers and artists who work tirelessly to bring the World of Remnant to life.

That’s not all, as an “Official Manga Anthology Sampler of ‘RWBY’” with “MIRROR, MIRROR – ‘RWBY’ reads from right to left and turn it over to begin again!”

“RWBY” is created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. In this anime web series, this show became a viral hit in July of 2013. The video game “RWBY”: Grimm Eclipse and a 2016 series “RWBY” Chibi that has been released as well. The music for “RWBY” is composed by Jeff Williams who was a Trocadero band member. He composed three seasons of “Red Vs. Blue.”

“RWBY” is an action-packed animated series that will leave you constantly guessing as to who anyone can trust. Secrets are always being revealed but even then the viewer is never sure who is actually telling it all or their version. This two-disc Blu-ray series is powerful in a strange world of creatures and magic.



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