Coming to DVD blu-ray from director Tsutomu Hanabusa and Well Go USA comes a fright from beyond with SADAKO 3D.

This film tells the story of Akane (Satomi Ishihara), a young schoolteacher in a relationship with Takanori (Koji Seto). Everything is going well for both of them as they enjoy a simple life.

During one particular class, Akane discovers her student using a cell phone during class. She takes it letting the student know she can retrieve it later. What she doesn’t know is the student was looking for the ‘cursed viral video’ that everyone is talking about.

At the same time Detective Koiso (Ryosei Tayama) and his partner are trying to solve the suicides that are happening around the town. They discover that this cursed video has a connection to the deaths. They also discover that the person responsible for making the video is Kashiwada Seiji (Yusuke Yamamoto), an artist who wants to bring back the ghost of Sadako.

But only one person is able to stop it all from escalating, but can she?

FINAL WORD: Ishihara as Akane is demure, quiet and all of this brought on by a past event in her life. Her character is not as proactive at first but when the events begin to revolve around her she takes a heavy hand.

Seto as Takanori is very sweet. His reasons for being with Akane are admirable and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her. Sometimes believing in your girlfriend’s fears is just the right move guys so take heed!

Hashimoto as Sadako has all the look and feel of an eerie ghost. The creatures from the well are creepy and down right freaky! In 3D those at home can be sure there evening will have twists, turns and a few jumps!

Other cast include: Shota Sometani, Hikari Takara, Yusuke Yamamoto, and Ai Hashimoto as Sadako.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SADAKO 3D three tubs of popcorn out of five. The film is based on the novel S created by Koji Suzuki who is also known for THE RING. For those who love this genre of film then make sure you get to to get your copy! The blu-ray comes in both 2D and 3D formats.

This is an excellent film to have friends over on a Friday night with the lights out and the popcorn at the ready.

In the end – terror goes viral!

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