Opening in theatres this Friday from director Ron Fricke and Magidson Films is a documentary with stunning visuals in SAMSARA.

This film takes the viewer on a journey through life, death, disaster and sacred grounds totally through pictures and music. This is not the typical film where there is a plot, storyline etc., so this will not be the typical review.

Taken over five years through twenty-five countries and five continents – the viewer will experience some amazing things.

FINAL WORD: The camera captures life both awake and asleep with such beautiful cinematography. Viewers are treated to sunrise to sunsets in places most of us can only imagine. The beauty of nature and the force of destruction are equal and shows no preference.

It’s movement and dances of light captivate us one moment and the destruction of must brings us turmoil. From the desserts to mountains to cathedrals to man made towers of faith to cathedrals of rock in stunning color – this is our world.

It is a look at the mixture and sometimes clashing of the old worlds verses the new with spectacular views into the lives of people with such amazing beliefs. The weapons of our own destruction become clear whether it is food, dumps where children work or bullets shined up pretty for a war.

In the midst of the chaos of human movement is conformity and individuality co-existing. From those who have the most to those who have the least – the viewer decides who is truly the richest.

Finally, SAMSARA in Sanskrit means “cyclic existence” and that is never more evident than in this humbling film. I also recommend 1985’s CHRONOS, 1982’s Koyaanisqatsi and 1992’s Baraka also from director Ron Fricke.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SAMARA four tubs of popcorn out of five. Shot in 70mm, this is the first full-length feature to do so. SAMSARA has already won the Dublin Film Critics Award for Best Documentary.

I truly hope viewers find SAMSARA the eye opening and perspective-building documentary I did. Without the human voice to complicate things, each must rely on their own centeredness to find the beauty and

In the end – this is our world!



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