On Saturday, visitors were treated to something extra special at the San Diego Zoo as 20th Century Fox hosted “ICE AGE: Dawn of the Dinosaur 4D”.

Families were treated to spending the day not only visiting all the animals at the zoo but learning about the animals that once roamed the San Diego area from Mammoths, sabers, sloth’s. What waited for everyone at the zoo’s 4D theatre were children meeting and taking photographs with Scrat and Sid.

The zoo brought out wonderful animals and explained to everyone where they came from and how they have evolved. Kid got a chance to play in snow surrounded by a giant mammoth for them to climb over and a saber tooth tiger for a great photo opportunity.

Bob Dillon, Director of Operations at the San Diego Zoo was gracious enough to introduce the young actress Keke Palmer. Keke is the voice of Peaches in the latest installment of the Ice Age franchise with “Ice Age: Continental Drift”. She was at the San Diego Zoo to open “Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs – The 4D Experience” in the zoo’s 4D theater.

Keke gave a lovely speech saying, “I have always loved animals and been an advocate but I have a special connection with the elephants and mammoths now that I play the voice of Peaches the wooly mammoth in the new film “Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D” in theatres July 13th. Although many of the animals in Ice Age are extinct, the San Diego Zoo conservation team active for nearly 100 years are working to keep many animals from sharing their same fate. Today, the San Diego Zoo in partnership with 20th Century Fox and iWorks Entertainment welcomes you to experience there latest attraction and the premier of “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur – The 4D Experience”, which I love. I wish it were even longer because I enjoyed it that much. The San Diego Zoo with the new “Ice Age” 4D experience is a great place where family and friends can visit and learn a little more about the conservation of animals and interact with them in new ways.

Viewers were treated to a 24 minute film come to life with various special effects including moving seats, artic winds, bubbles, authentic scents and snow! The experience was one of fun for the entire family and especially kids who walked away with faces of their favorite mammoth Manny, loveable saber Diego, and a sloth known round the world Sid! Even Scrat was there to lend a hand taking pictures and having a blast.

Remember, “Ice Age: Continental Drift” will be in theatres for the whole family on July 13th…the pack is back!

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