Coming to Blu-ray and DVD from director Chang Hyung-yun, GKids and Shout! Factory is the extraordinary story of two amazing individuals with “Satellite Girl and Milk Cow.”

When a satellite going around the planet picks up the sound of a song, it wants to find out more about it. Coming to Earth is Cat-1 who meets Merlin who himself has been turned into a walking roll of paper and giving her a human-like form.

The song came from Kyung-Chun, a young man who is dealing with a broken heart and after a strange twist of fate, it turns him into a milk cow. If that isn’t bad enough, there is a man with a plunger trying to take his liver! Cat-1 protects Kyung-Chun but also learns that her satellite form might be in trouble.

When she discovers that getting back might be difficult, Kyung-Chun aka Milk Cow feels bad for her. Actually, it’s more than that as he finds himself having feelings for Cat-1 although he is having a hard time admitting it. The struggle isn’t helped by the Witch of the North who wants to take Milk Cow somewhere he can be safe.

But Kyung-Chun can’t leave Cat-1 behind and in the morning light, the two are confronted by an incinerator monster mid-argument. Even when people try to separate the two, they protect one another without even a thought to it. But Cat-1 believes the only way to stop their feelings is by leaving.

Cat-1 faces the incinerator monster alone and Merlin reaches out to Kyung-Chun to use the one thing he knows will reach her. Inside the monster is a world of gray and he finds the real Merlin who tells him to be strong and find Cat-1.

Being different doesn’t mean love isn’t possible!

Satellite Girl may be an arm-firing rocket shoe wearing un-girl but that doesn’t mean her feelings aren’t human. She is strong, powerful and yet has the same fragile emotions as any teenage girl.

Kyung-Chun as Milk Cow is a young man who has had his heart broken or has he? Being around Cat-1, he is more secure about his alter ego and starts to understand what caring about someone truly feels like – even if her arm and head can take off at a moments notice.

Merlin is hilarious as a roll of toilet paper, I mean really? He wants to help both Cat-1 and Milk Cow and tries to keep the chaos from getting out of hand. That doesn’t mean he isn’t hilarious to look at.

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“Satellite Girl and Milk Cow” includes the bonus features of “Coffee Vending Machine and Its Sword Short Film” and “Trailers.”

This is a beautiful story about hope, love, music, friendship, silliness, loyalty and wanting to do what’s right for the person you care about. In the midst of the chaos they are constantly in, Cat-1 and Kyung-Chun find that others may see them as different but their feelings are the same.

Of course, they spend time avoiding their feelings and actually Cat-1 doesn’t think she has a right to “human” emotion but Kyung-Chun, even as Milk Cow, changes that. The most touching moment is when Cat-1 gives Milk Cow a kiss because she sees beyond his outward appearance and that is beautiful.

In the end – love always finds a way!



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