Coming this week to DVD from director Colin Day and Candy Factory Films is an incredible journey to save a rat with “Saving Banksy.”

In San Francisco in 2010, the graffiti artist known as Banksy made his way through the town leaving works in the most spectacular places. The problem became that the city did not see his works as art but instead enforced the graffiti laws. Where ever the art popped up, the city would demand that the building owner have it removed.

One man, Brian Greif, took it upon himself to try and save what became known as the “Haight Street Rat” on the side of the Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast by spending time and money to have it removed from the side of older San Francisco building. His goal was to be relatively simple: save the rat and donate it to a museum where everyone could enjoy it.

What should have been relatively simple project turned into a struggle by those who don’t see it as art, by those who want to make money off Banksy’s work by taking it without asking and how to get it out of Greif’s apartment! Offered large sums of money, Grief has maintained that it’s about the art, much to the dismay of collectors.

Streets artists such as Ben Eine, Risk, Evok, Niels Meulman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E. Friedman speak about how their art is seen and the struggle to be accept as artists.

This is the story of one man’s journey to save a rat!

“Saving Banksy” is an amazing piece of documentary filmmaking that takes the viewer on a journey that needed to be taken. It is fascinating and equally sad to think that the “art world” doesn’t see the contribution of street art. Banksy has brought mystery to his work to be sure, but it is the messages to the work that have brought understanding and conversation — which is what I thought art was suppose to do.

I have been following the artist Banksy for so many years because his work is different, controversial, hilarious and endearing. This documentary is truly a must-see for those who are curious about Banksy, want to see his work and understand the treatment of street artists… “Saving Banksy” gives it all.

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The DVD also includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette which goes deeper into the story of the “Haight Street Rat” and offers up additional in-depth interviews not seen in the theatrical cut of “Saving Banksy.” It also includes art collector Brian Greif and British street artist Ben Eine who goes into detail about his relationship with Banksy.

Please take a moment to watch and then share about the art you may have not realized comes from the mysterious yet riveting artist known as “Banksy.” Yes, I said art because no one will ever convince me that his work is anything less than that. I do hope that in the years to come that Banksy feels there is a time he can come forward and put the art establishment in its place.

I also hope that someday while strolling down a street that I discover a Banksy that I can touch, smile and keep on walking. That’s how it should be.

In the end — I guess it’s not art unless you sell it for a lot of money!



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