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Currently bringing fans to the largest and longest running horror festival is Screamfest Horror Film Festival! Beginning October 11th, the festival is being held at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, Hollywood & Hhland Center in Hollywood.

Screamfest showcases American and international independent horror filmmakers and has been known to launch careers of filmmakers. The entries include such categories as Best Feature, Cinematography, Special Effects, Musical Score, Editing and Directing. It also has special categories for Best Student Film, Best Short, Best Documentary and Best Animation.

Starting Screamfest on Wenesday for me is the Well Go USA feature film THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD. Director Martin Owen brings the story written by Piers Ashworth of Oliver (Max Harwood), a young man who has seen plenty of death in his short life. He is the target of a high school bully but that does not stop him from noticing Chloe (Tallulah Haddon).

Visiting his mother’s grave, he decides he needs a family and begins his nighttime diggings of a new mother Susanne (Susan Wokoma), a new dad Frank (Ben Miller), a new little sister Mel (Zenobia Williams) and even a new ‘family’ dog! Keeping them away from the living is the challenge but, with the spooky holidays near, no one questions the people living with Max.

Learning from them, Max becomes more confident, surer of himself and finds that he is far more capable that he could have ever imagined. That’s what a good family can do for you – who cares if they are – well, different.

In the end – they’re dying to be his friend!

The cast did such an amazing job telling this very twisted story filled with everything you would want in a heart-warming family tale with a zombie twist. Nothing wrong with mixing the genres, especially when you get something as cool as THE LONLIEST BOY IN THE WORLD.

Then, for a bit more horror, is the film 8 FOUND DEAD! Director Travis Greene with writer Jonathan Buchanan bring the story of the perils of a trip to a town B&B. Jessie (Jenny Tran) is headed toward her family’s B&B to get ready for the next batch of guests. That would be Sam (Alisha Soper), Dwayne (Gabriel Grier), Ricky (Eddy Acosta) and Carrie (Aly Trasher).

Arriving first, Carrie and Ricky are met by Richard (Tim Simek) and Liz (Rosanne Limeres) who tell the first couple that there must be a mix up as they booked the B&B. Later, Sam and Dwayne show up and go through the same story of a mix up. Who is telling the truth and who are Richard and Liz?

Officers Blake Miller (Laura Buckles) and soon to be ex-husband Bobby Miller (Patrick Rieger) are about to enter a house of madness. Trying to piece together what is going on, they find themselves part of the mystery.

Okay, this is one where I am not saying anything except – hang on to your B&B confirmations and make sure you have a cell signal for gawd’s sake! The filming is basically kept to and around the B&B and I liked that. It keeps the viewer focused on what is happening and listening to everyone tell their side of things. Richard and Liz are exceptional in their roles and now I’m going to zip it. See it!

In the end – f*ck who dunnit, it’s who survives!

Also playing on Wednesday is the feature DEER CAMP ’86, THE LEECH and THE REVELATION. More to come on Thursday!



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