On DVD from director John Stockwell, Voltage Pictures and the Weinstein Company comes another look at SEAL TEAM SIX: The Raid on Osama bin Ladin.

This film tells the story of Seal Team Six that include Stunner (Cam Gigandet), Cherry (Anson Mount), Trench (Freddy Rodriguez), Mule (Xzibit), Sause (Kenneth Miller), Lieutenant (Robert Knepper) who have recently returned from Afghanistan after losing one of their men.

After some time to regroup, they are called together for a secret training mission without knowing where they will be going. Washington D.C. is calling the shots with Mr. Guidry (William Fichtner) and Agent Vivian (Kathleen Robertson) looking for the most wanted man – Osama bin Laden.

The training is hard as Cherry and Stunner have personal problems to get past so that the group, Seal Team Six, will be mentally and physically prepared when the call from the President of the United States comes.

FINAL WORD: Gigandet as Stunner has such a story to tell with his characters feelings towards what they have done and what they will do. I enjoy Gigandet as an actor but it seems he always misses the mark with film choices.

If Anson Mount looks a tad familiar that would be because he has found his niche with AMC’s HELL ON WHEELS. In both of these roles he is the quiet type – until its time to no longer be quiet. His presence on the screen is definitely felt.

Rodriguez as Trench is well done along with rapper Xzibit bringing life to the role of Seal Mule. Knepper as their Lieutenant is a job full of secrets until he finally tells his men where they are going and who they are after. I couldn’t even begin to imagine holding that kind of secret for so long.

Fichtner as Mr. Guidry takes the audience through the governments response to the possibilities and what could go wrong with the mission. Imbedded with video of President Obama, it adds authenticity to the film.

Other cast includes: Eddie Kaye Thomas as Christian, Jenny Gabrielle as Tricia, Mo Gallini as the Interrogator, Tait Fletcher as D-Punch and Kristen Rakes as the CIA Analyst.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SEAL TEAM SIX: THE RAID FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN three tubs of popcorn out of five. There is a lot of vagueness here and that would be the only downside I can find with the film. Trying to tell this story in such a short amount of time robs the Seal Team of being able to tell their own story in full.

For those who are looking to search all sides of what information we can get about the Seal Team Six this still leaves some mystery. Of course it isn’t possible to know everything but with a combination of this film and ZERO DARK THIRTY it does give history and insight into the greatest manhunt ever conducted.

In the end – they have the full force and faith of the United States.

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