Coming to theatres in time for everyone to celebrate Mom is directors-brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin and TriStar Pictures answer to MOM’S NIGHT OUT.

The film tells the story of Allyson (Sara Drew), a woman in the midst of a mom-life crisis. Trying to balance life and motherhood, she is looking for a night out with the girls. In order to make this happen the husbands need to step in to take care of the kids for a couple of hours. Simple right?

Sean Astin plays a well meaning husband who may not always get it right but he’s sure going to give it the husbandly try! Yes, mothers are going to relate to that.

Astin has been acting since childhood and if you are a die-hard GOONIES fan you know this to be true. In 1993 he starred in the true story of a football player in RUDY and that film still plays well to this day. In 2001, Astin once again became a household figure in his role as Samwise Gamgee in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.

Now, in MOM’S NIGHT OUT we get to experience the Dad side of this well rounded actor. I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with him about his role.

Hi Sean.

Hi Jeri, how are you?

Great! I know you’ve heard this a million times but really thank you for talking with me today Sean!

It’s all good.

I have to tell you that the film made me laugh being a mother of four. What drew you to want to get involved with the project?

Well I’m glad it made you laugh and not want to throw something at the screen! Mother’s can be like ‘sure, some other Mother is having a night out!’ The truth of it is my friend Kevin Downes asked me if I wanted to be part of the project and I said yes before I even knew what I was doing, I was trusting him. As it turns out the film very directly is my personal life. I’m married with three daughters and my wife’s idea of taking time for herself is going to Girl Scouts or something else kid/husband related. I identified with my character in the film who doesn’t seem to know how to help her to take time for herself but understands it’s an important thing to do.

So you kind of felt like you were playing yourself in some ways?

Yes, I did. It’s the better part of myself, my character says things that your suppose to remember all the time to say to your spouse but life can get in the way and you don’t’ remember to. My wife and children will watch this and be offended that clearly on the screen I know!

You’ll have to have someone write your lines for you from now on for the family!

Yes, I need to be scripted, absolutely.

I noticed that the script is very faith based which I find an interesting concept because we haven’t seen too much of that in films.

I think it’s clear to everyone that there is an appetite in the ‘faith’ community for material that reflects there values so I think lots of movies like CORAGEOUS and FIRE PROOF really speak to it. I haven’t seen NOAH yet but from what I understand he is a biblical character . I think what is unique about MOM’S NIGHT OUT is that it’s a film that speaks to a faith audience without feeling the need to be overtly religious. It’s a film that a lot of people in the faith film base have been talking a lot about doing – to make movies that cross over. The way I interpret that is that they want to make good movies. No matter what it’s about it needs to be a good movie. This film spoke directly to Jon and Andrew Erwin. It is right out of there own personal life experience and they are strong Christians. There was no way the movie wouldn’t have that foundation built into it because it’s a story built about themselves. I was proud to participate in that. When people have a sense of discovery for themselves about their belief or culture, that kind of awakening is special to be apart of. My own faith aside I feel like this is a movie that speaks to a new group of people in this day and age with an underpinning of faith and belief.

I think it also proves that you can be a person of faith and have a sense of humor.

Yes, it’s contemporary and it really works. I did another film called AMAZING LOVE and we took a group of kids to a weekend at a Christian camp or retreat. The movie goes back and forth between Israel in the day and modern day. It’s a very on the spot story and the most likely audience for it was a group to do the bible missions and camps. This film speaks and is contemporary with people identifying with life is hard, we are all busy and one of the most powerful moments is when Sarah says I have a husband, children and wonderful home and friends and still not happy. I think people can appreciate that. The movie tries to carry people through it in a fun way. You can feel that way between 3 and 4 o’clock but there are those empty times. Everyone is going to a dinner or movies or friends over but there are periods of time in the day where there’s an emptiness and the movie gets that.

The disconnect we seem to have with families these days with technology so when you do have that time it’s harder to hold a conversation face to face.

That’s absolutely right. I think Mother’s Day is one of those gut check moments for people where you are forced to realize that you might not be in the habit of thinking about Mom. I marvel at the thoughtful people who plan ahead!

I think I’m lucky in that respect that my kids are grown and the day means something especially those who now have kids.

We have three daughters and we are already talking about what it will be like when you have the house to yourself.

The cast, didn’t you find that you had such a diverse group?

The Erwin brothers did that, they wanted that, it makes life more fun. It was different people with different backgrounds so it made it unique.

It sure wasn’t cookie-cutter; I think that’s what made it so funny. It kept you interested in who was going to do what.

There is cultural diversity with Hispanic, Asian, African-American which made it wonderful. There was a lot of goodness created here. It made every day on the set fun with so much energy and life. They brought something wonderful to their part.

And how was it working with the kids?

The kids were pretty good, what can I say. I must say that the filmmakers understood the challenges working with little kids. Like Shiloh who almost stole the movie. There was never a feeling of old Hollywood where someone was saying ‘bring in the kid!’, it was clear this film was made by parents. I certainly had fun and identified them. I missed my kids while making the film but I did have fun playing games with the kids. It was a real dad experience.

Thanks Sean! In the film MOM’S NIGHT OUT, Astin certainly showed us his fatherly try to give Mom a few moments of fun outside the home. So gather up a few Mom’s you know that need a night out, go to dinner and then straight to the theatre to see MOM’S NIGHT OUT.



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