On DVD from MHz International Mystery is a man who knows how to find a criminal, especially if your name is SEBASTIAN BERGMAN.

The Cursed One begins with the murder of a young man in the middle of the woods. Looking out the window is Sebastian Bergman (Rolf Lassgård), a serial profiler who sees the police tackle a suspect. Intrigued he visits Torkel Höglund (Tomas Laustiola) of the Stockholm Police asking to work on the case.

But Torkel knows what many do – that Sebastian is a hard man. His wife and daughter were swept away in the Thailand tsunami and he can not let release his pain. Instead he uses alcohol and women to numb the pain.

Working with Ursula (Gunnel Fred), Billy (Christopher Wagelin) and Vanja Lithner (Moa Silén) and provides insight to find the 15-year-olds murderer. Sebastian also finds a private mystery in his mother’s home went he discovers an envelope from Petra Andersson and with Billy’s help finds a reason to change his life.

Trying to keep his life no track, Sebastian once again offers his services to Torkel when there a serial killer is reported. The shock comes when the group realizes there is a connection with the man who made Sebastian famous. He wants Sebastian to come to him in prison to help along with Vanja.

Sebastian knows he must deal with the deadliest man he knows to find answers.

FINAL WORD: Lassgård as Bergman is a big presence on the screen. With a deep voice either charming a woman or telling things like they are, this actor brings every part of himself to the role. His history is very sad watching the character of Bergman bury himself in trouble. Yet there are those riveting moments when the pieces are coming together as he speaks, just marvelous.

Laustiola as Torkel is equally as stubborn but still carries a soft spoke for Bergman. He may be a pain in the butt but Torkel knows a brilliant mind when he works with one. Fred as Ursula has a little story of her own going on which is interesting since Bergman seems to get all the flack! Wagelin as Billy is ecstatic about working with this group and even more so with Bergman who really gives him a hard time.

Silén as Vanja is a tough as nails cop who does what she must to get the job done. There are moments that really do have me wondering if she’s not just a little too tough getting herself into trouble. Solid performance truly.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SEBASTIAN BERGMAN: The Cursed One three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There is such intrigue here filled with fantastic story telling. The character of Sebastian is so intense and definitely has social issues but there are moments where he is very vulnerable.

The way the film is shot gives it the grittiness of feeling that the two part story conveys. Keeping the viewer guessing until the end is what makes good thrillers great and SEBASTIAN BERGMAN falls into the later category. The cast works amazingly well together with their characters having their own secrets with the criminal profiler.

SEBASTIAN BERGMAN is based on two novels written by Hjorth Rosenfeldt (Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt) with the series broadcast in Sweden. The package comes with 2 DVD’s to cover the 176 minutes of story. It is in Swedish with English subtitles.

MHz International Mystery and MHz Networks is a global media company that specializes in presenting top-quality international television programming to American audiences. Other series include THE BRIDGE, JOHAN FALK, THE EAGLE and UNIT ONE. For more of what MHz has to offer go to www.mhznetworks.org.

In the end – catching killers is the one thing he knows how to do best!



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