Out on DVD this Friday from director Kim Ji-Hoon and produced by JK Youn of TIDAL WAVE fame comes a sci-fi film of who-done-it and what-is-it as SHOUT! FACTORY and JK Film released SECTOR 7.

This film tells the story of a platform crew out on the ocean near the Jeju Islands. The Eclipse is an offshore drilling platform in the location known as Sector 7. When the crew continues to find nothing, headquarters orders them to evacuate.

Captain Jeong-man (Sun-kee Ahn) comes aboard to help close down but there is something he’s not telling the crew. His niece equipment manager Hae-jun (Ji-won Ha) is not happy about the orders either and demands to know why. She truly believes they will find oil but there is a family dedication to this particular spot.

What they don’t know is what lies beneath them 8,000 feet down. It has made its way to the surface and on the platform as one by one the crew disappears. As a raging storm slams into the platform, the crew must come together to kill the monster before it kills them all!

Hae-jun and Kim (Ji-oh Oh) fight to the very end and face the monsters of the deep like hell on wheels.

FINAL WORD: Ha as Hae-jun is one raging hormone. From the moment the film begins until it’s ending I think she cracked a smile once. There are obvious family issues and that anger is what motivates everything she does. I’ll give her the fact that she refused to give up – one tough chick she is!

Ahn as the Captain was the surprise turn of events. Even when he was trying to make things right he was making it all wrong. Have to watch those mad scientists is all I have to say. Oh is the male eye candy of the film as he swoons over Hai-jun with his obvious crush on Hae-jun. Doesn’t stop him from taking on the monster though!

Other cast: Ae-ryeon Cha as Scientist Kim, Han-wi-Lee as the Medic along with Cheol-min Park, Sae-Byeok Song and Jeong-hak Park.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Sector 7” three tubs of popcorn out of five. The story line isn’t original although there were elements that were original. I enjoyed watching it unfold even with a few confusing scenes. Yes, there are moments of obvious CGI goofiness and jaw dropping “oh they did NOT do that” but it doesn’t take away from the film – if anything adds to it.

This is the type of film you bring friends together, order a pizza and sit back to laugh, holler and talk about later. I’m from the era of Godzilla and Mothra films so SECTOR 7 kind of brought my teen Saturday mornings back with a smile. I’m not saying this is the best sci-fi film ever made – but I sure did enjoy the memories it brought.

In the end – what’s in the water is massive!

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