Opening in theatres this Friday from director Lorene Scafia, Indian Paintbrush and Mandate Pictures is a look at who we think we are and who we truly are with SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD.

This film tells the story of Dodge (Steve Carrell), a man who has recently gone through a lot of changes. His wife recently decided to walk out on him which may have something to do with the face that the world is coming to an end. An asterioid is preparing to hit Earth and everyone is in a panic – except Dodge.

He continues to go to work, come home and watch television. The only other person probably less panicked than Dodge is his house keeper Elsa (Tonita Castro) who reminds him to buy glass cleaner. Then next door neighbor Penny (Kiera Knightely) enters his life. Thats when life coming to an end has a whole new meaning for Dodge as he takes a journey with Penny to places he never thought he would ever go.

Realization and acceptance can make people do funny things!

FINAL WORD: Every once in a while there is an actor who just appears on screen and the game changes. It is difficult to actually pinpoint what it is about Carrell that is most riveting to watch. Whether it be his boyish looks, his naive charm or his ability to portray his character as stuck in a rut but secretly harboring a wild side – Carrell can do it. This film is no exception to the formula that
works. As Dodge Carrell slowly allows his emotional range to come out until he has you in tears (I hate when that happens, but in a grand way).

Knightley as the quirky Penny has a quick wit, a daring spirit and all to hide the disappointments she feels about her family. I really did enjoy her moments on screen as she pushed everything with her character but also pushes Carrell’s character into spending no moment unturned. Having not seen this before in Knightely it was not only refreshing but fun – how twisted is that!

Other cast include: Nancy Carrell as Linda, Mark Moses as the Anchorman, Roger Aaron Brown as Alfred, Adam Brody as Owen, William Peterson as Trucker, Leslie Murphy as Amy, Connie Britton as Diane, Rob Corddry as Warren, Patton Oswalt as Roach, and Martin Sheen as Frank.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Seeking a Friend at the End of the World” four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is the kind of film I’m not sure about until I walk away having so many feelings they are hard to separate. This is a beautifully told story about something not quite so beautiful – the end of the world. It is about the craziness of denial and the insanity of waiting till the end of the world to live life. Its the sadness in saying what should always be said among people who love each other and the idiocy of why we don’t!

This is also one of the films I highly recommend everyone see for the sheer joy of watching a film. Yes the subject matter is a little different but the journey between these two characters is a little off the beaten path and that is worth paying the price of admission.

In the end – nice knowing you.

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