Opening in theatres from director Isaac Feder and Marvista Entertainment comes a comedic look at SEX ED.

This film tells the story of Eddie (Haley Joel Osment), a young man looking to better his life. Living with crazy roommate JT (Glen Powell) who has a new girlfriend Trish (Abby Elliott), Eddie wants a life and love of his own.

Moving into a place above a jazz bar he meets Sydney (Retta), a tell-it-like-it-is woman who has no problem calling Eddie out. He finally gets bold and lands a teaching job at a middle school. Excited about it he goes in with a little more pep in his step. That is until he realizes he has a room fill of kids that are all talk and no information – especially about sex!

His first problem child is Leon (Isaac White), a mouthy kid who seems to want all the attention. Eddie soon finds out that the problem might really be his father Rev. Marcus Hamilton (Chris Williams), a man who wants the sex ed classes to stop!

Then there is Tito (Kevin Hernandez), a young man who sees Eddie as a good teacher and introduces him to sister Pilar (Lorenza Izzo). He is immediately taken by her and sees happiness that is until he discovers Hector (Ray Santiago) – the boyfriend!

It’s all about life, love and sex education!

FINAL WORD: Introduced to audiences in 1994 he played Forest Gump with all his cuteness in the film of the same name. In 1999, when he was only 11, the planet really came to know this young actor from The Sixth Sense opposite Bruce Willis. His career has been spread out from film, to television and even a brief stint on Broadway in a revival of American Buffalo.

In SEX ED Osment is actually pretty funny. There is an innocence about this character that he pulls off beautifully. The conversations he has with Retta are hilarious, his interaction with JT are pretty funny and most of the time it’s just his presence in the scene that cracked me up. Everyone is doing all the talking but Osment is keeping his character known, even if he is face down in a bar!

It is totally believable that Osment’s character cares about the kids, no matter how much grief they give his character. The endearing part of his character is that he sees things through till the end no matter how bad or embarrassing that end is in some cases.

Powell as JT is just one hot-male-mess who is absolutely endearing in a crazy way. Their friendship is definitely filled with guy euphemisms and stereotypes. Elliot as Trish is absolutely her own woman. She is funny and literally calls JT out which is intoxicating to him. For Eddie she’s the cool chick friend who supports him.

White as Leon is sharp, quick and given some of the funniest lines for a kid to say. He reminds me so much of the kids I see walking home everyday from the local middle school. Just yackin’ away about this and that with my brain raging ‘they have no idea what they are flappin’ their gums about’. Yet, called to task, Bobby finds his own way with more walk and less talk. Williams as the Reverand just freaked me out sounding exactly like our local pastor when I was a kid!

Hernandez as Tito is a very sweet character. Finding a positive male influence in his life was special for both Tito and Eddie’s characters, especially with bully Hector around. Santiago got his punches in – until he didn’t! Izzo as Pilar (insert sigh here), what can I say! I was rooting for ya girl and then not so much. Izzo’s character teaches Eddie a lot; it just takes him time to get it. Well done Izzo!

Okay, we must talk about Retta. Again, I know someone exactly like this character and Retta gives Sydney swag and read. From the moment she is on the screen it is easy to see that her no-nonsense life approach is filled with wit, sass and truth telling! I just love her in this role, amazingly well done!

Other cast include: Julie E. King as Stevie, Castille Landon as Alley, Jovan Armand as Javier, Lamorne Morris as Bobby, George Eadsas Jimmy, Lorenza Izzo as Pilar, Parker Young as Montana, Laura Harring as Lupe, Ally Rahn as Margarita, Parvesh Cheena as Hank and Matt Walsh as Washout.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SEX ED four tubs of popcorn out of five. Okay, I laughed myself silly and probably because I absolutely remember the sex ed classes of yesteryear. The list of diseases is longer but the banana and the condom are the same. The snickering and giggles of the kids is also reminiscent and so much so I found myself giggling along with them.

There are a few twists here that just explain so much about Osment’s character and that’s all I have to say about that. The film is funny and charming and worth a trip down nostalgia lane for some of us and an awakening for parents out there with teens! I’m so glad I’m not in that category anymore.

So for a light hearted comedy that comes with a bit of information as well then dive in to some SEX ED opening this weekend.

In the end – fake it till you make it!



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