Opening in theatres this Friday from directors Chris Kentiz and Laura Lau comes an 88-minute real time film about what happens inside a “Silent House”.

This film tells the story of Sarah (Elizabeth Olson), a young woman helping her father, John (Adam Trese) and Uncle Peter (Eric Stevens) clear out an old family home to sell. From the beginning Sarah is uneasy in the house with its creaking and door slamming but there is something else.

Before long the house is filled with taunts and tales that Sarah cannot understand. The house begins to tell a tale Sarah will never forget.

FINAL WORD: Olson is really good in the character of Sarah. She is quite believable as the frightened young woman goes from room to room looking for something she doesn’t quite understand. I enjoyed her performance very much.

That being said I can’t say as much for either Trese or Stevens as within the first five minutes of the film the jig was up for me. SPOILER ALERT! I was made extremely uncomfortable by the whole situation and personally saw the ending coming from my seat in the back row.

I understand the intent of a single shot real time film where there is no break but this isn’t it. Once the film was over and I had time to think about it the story was so full of holes it was really a little ridiculous. Hopefully the directors will learn from this and try again!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Silent House” two and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. That saddens me a little since I truly did enjoy the performance of Olson and see that she definitely has a long career ahead of her. The story, however, is predictable and in a way kind of sick. The film shows itself as a horror film but be warned it isn’t the kind your use to.

In the end – the house could have remained silent.



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