This week from HBO Home Entertainment is another awesome addition to anyone’s home library with “Silicon Valley: The Complete Third Season.”

Demoted to Chief Technology Officer of Raviga-run, Richard (Thomas Middleditch) is now being courted by Flutterbeam but he doesn’t bite. At a meeting, Jack says they need fast money but Richard learns it is at the cost of their product with a tacky commercial adding insult to injury.

Belson at Hooli fires the entire staff to take back stock options for Big Head. Gavin (Matt Ross) wants to manipulate the algorithm for the bad searches about Nucleus. Jared (Zach Woods) is having difficult reclaiming his condo when the tenants don’t pay rent and aren’t leaving and Jian-Yang (Jimmy O. Yang) is looking to move.

Richard can’t seem to let go and wants Pied Piper as a platform but Jack isn’t about to let that happen. Laurie (Suzanne Cryer) is the only other person who agrees with Richard but isn’t sure how that will play out.

Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) knows he has two Hooli coders and uses them to crack Richard’s algorithm. Jack thinks everything is going as planned when actually Gilfoyle and company are doing a side by side with Pied Piper as a platform and box appliance.

Secrets have a way of coming out and the platform idea is no exception, Jack threatens the staff but Richard tells him flat out that he is aware the company can’t meet the Maleant deadline. This is all pretty much a moot thing when Gavin calls Richard to let him know he acquired Endframe which means the Pied Piper platform is now in play.

Jack (Stephen Tobolowsky) is out and the CEO position is once again back open and working on the new platform is back up and running.

Erlich (T.J. Miller) goes to the Big Head mansion and makes a deal to live their with the BH gang. Also wanting to save cash, Pied Piper leaves the office and its trappings behind for Erlich’s digs. Laurie is also told she never should have gotten rid of Richard as CEO.

An article about Richard and Pied Piper is pretty inflammatory but Erlich knows how to help. In order to get writer Cantwell to back off, Erlich lets it out that Belson wanted a cover up of negative publicity from the internet taken care of by his staff. He also announces a new partnership deal calling it Bachmanity.

Belson is on the warpath and Erlich is told that if he finds out how the story leaked, it could ruin him. What does he do? Well, Erlich buys Code/Rag which has Cantwell’s blog and the info can’t be revealed. Richard decides to date a Facebook coder named Winnie but it doesn’t last because of a peccadillo.

After a Hawaiian party costing several pretty pennies, Erlich learns that Bachmanity can’t pay its debts. Learning there is $6 million floating about; he can’t get the district attorney to do something immediately. When that doesn’t work, it’s Laurie to the rescue.

Richard waits for the launch of Pied Piper and it hits 100,000 downloads in a matter of days but his glee is short-lived when he learns Erlich owns no shares! Even as Pied Piper gets ready to hit Hooli’s app store, Laurie has to explain to Richard what has happened with Erlich’s shares.

When five hundred thousands downloads happen, Laurie throws a party. It’s Richard that isn’t celebrating knowing that he needs to have a way to teach others how to use the platform for it to be truly successful. Belson learns about the low DAU’s from a Pied Piper employee looking to move up the ladder.

Trying to turn everything in their favor at Hooli, Richard discovers that Jared and Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) has been padding the numbers to make them spike with a click of a Bangladeshi mouse! Needing money to continue, Erlich finds some in Coleman Blair Partners but Richard can’t continue with what he knows about the numbers.

When it all comes crashing down it bringing a result that no one could have seen coming – except for the new owners of Pied Piper!

“Silicon Valley: The Complete Third Season” includes the episodes “Founder Friendly,” “Two in the Box,” “Meinertzhagen’s Haversack,” “Maleant Data Systems Solutions,” “The Empty Chair,” “Bachmanity Insanity,” “To Build a Better Beta,” “Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride,” “Daily Active Users” and “The Uptick.” The Blu-ray/DVD also includes “Deleted Scenes.”

“Silicon Valley” has received 11 Emmy Nominations and “Silicon Valley” begins its fourth season soon on HBO!

Let me tell you what I love about this show – it leaves me totally confused but in an awesome way. When I first began watching I wasn’t sure where the show was going. Of course this means I knew absolutely nothing about Silicon Valley, programs, apps, tools – none of it. All I knew about computers is pretty much how to turn on one.

I then found myself taken in by what was going on, how these characters thought and the actors who made it all happen and I was taken in. Season after season I wonder where it’s going to go and how I’m going to be confused by the technology I should understand after all these years.

And although the technological side is interesting enough, it is the characters that I watch continually ride the roller coaster of ‘what could possibly go wrong now?’ It is the way they make everything about the show happen that keeps me coming back. Each character brings something to the table and if you remove one – it doesn’t work. Congratulations HBO for knowing that about this extremely talented ensemble.

To win your own copy of “Silicon Valley: The Complete Third Season” please visit and find out how to get a Blu-ray/DVD for your own home entertainment library!

In the end — they’ve got company!



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