Coming to DVD this Tuesday from director/writer David O. Russell, The Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay Entertainment comes life with a SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.

This film tells the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper), a man who has been through he wringer. So much so that he ended up in a court ordered Maryland mental hospital for pounding his ex-wife’s boyfriend! The problem is his Mom Dolores (Jacki Weaver) thinks her son would be better off at home.

Against advice and without telling her husband Pat Sr. (Robert DeNiro), she gets him released. Part of the release is that Pat must move back home to his parent’s house, which easily puts a strain on the family.

Wanting to reunite with his ex-wife Pat begins to try to put his life together. What he didn’t expect was Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a young woman with problems he recognizes – even if he doesn’t want to. As their friendship twists and turns, and even twirls, both comes to terms with their pasts and what is possible for the future.

FINAL WORD: Cooper is delightful as always (isn’t he though?) as Pat. In this role Cooper gets a chance to walk a tight rope of emotion while, at the same time, just going willy-nilly. In the moments of insanity peek through the sanity he doesn’t realize he is close to having. I really enjoyed watching Cooper take this character through the gambit of emotions.

Lawrence as Tiffany deserved her Academy Award – okay and her Golden Globe, and Film Independent Spirit Award. Coming out of the blue with her film WINTER’S BONE and the X MEN films. Lawrence is making quite a name for herself taking on such amazing roles. She has no problem laying the character out with no apologies. Fans are loving her as Katniss Everdeen in THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy and come November they will embrace her once again.

DeNiro as Pat Sr. tries so hard to be a supportive dad but in his own way. If there was any question on where Cooper’s character gets his neurosis all they have to do is watch DeNiro! There are moments that are endearing which is what DeNiro’s roles as of late seem to lean towards – hey, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it right?

Weaver as Dolores is just trying to keep her family together and keep her sanity at the same time. She is so lovely and funny in this role but never for one moment forget she’s a Mom – and it shows.

Other cast include: Chris Tucker as Danny, Anupam Kher as Dr. Cliff Patel, John Ortiz as Ronnie, Shea Whigham as Jake, Julia Stiles as Veronica, Paul Herman as Randy, Dash Mihok as Officer Keogh, Matthew Russell as Rickey D’Angelo and Brea Bee as Nikki.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. The cast and story make this a must have for anyone’s DVD library. It is fun, funny, emotional and even a little Kleenex moment here and there. It doesn’t hurt that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are amazing together in the film.

The Weinstein Company is responsible for such releases as SCREAM, SPY KIDS and SCARY MOVIE. Last year the company celebrated an Oscar with Michel Hazanavicius’s THE ARTIST (no doubt my favorite film last year!) and the previous year brought home the Oscar for Tom Hooper’s THE KING’S SPEECH.

Anchor Bay Entertainment has amazing feature films, original television, children’s entertainment and anime and much more on DVD and blu-ray formats. For more of what they have to offer go to

In the end – watch for the signs!

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