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This film tells the story of a boy who suddenly disappears off his father Hoyt (Jon Gries) ranch in Utah in 2010. When a group of investigators from Modern Defense Enterprises is sent; Kyle (Ray Reed), Lisa (Erin Cahill), Devin (Cameron Murphy), and Matt (Matthew Rocheleau) in less than 24 hours strange things begin to happen.

Sounds, lights, reflections and ghosts-like images are set in play but the group doesn’t know why. When a large wolf sets to the doors of the Ranch and orbs of light are captured on their cameras the group begins to fear for their lives.

A simple investigation turns into a rude awakening from the very start!

FINAL WORD: This is the type of film that has audiences flocking for a thrill or two. Most films that are made to just thrill – SKINWALKER RANCH forces you to PAY ATTENTION!! The greater story is in the details surrounding the actors and on VOD have that remote handy!

The cast of characters playing off one another only heightens the tension with a story that carries the sadness of Hoyt losing his son and, in essence, his wife to the unexplainable events of 2010. The investigators play along until they realize they haven’t been told the whole truth of why they are there.

It is said that of those who believe in aliens, many believe the extraterrestrials to be friendly and mean no harm. To those that don’t subscribe to that belief, this is the very reason why. The film lends to the creepy factor and continuing with even the explained can’t really be explained – yep, there’s an orb all right but what is it and what does it want!

Let it be said that when a Native American, in this case Ahote (Michael Horse) comes to try to clear your land of spirits and is there less than a minute and tell you ‘there’s nothing I can do for you’ then pack up and leave – rule number one in my book!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SKINWALKER RANCH three tubs of popcorn out of five. ‘Based on true event’ stories are a draw, especially when aliens are the topic and with the title of SKINWALKER RANCH it’s a shoe in!

The filming is well done (although I’m not a huge fan of the guy-shaking-filming-while-running thing) giving fans the creepy factor they are looking for especially Halloween week. True that there are a few film ideas I’ve seen from other films meshed in here but it doesn’t slow down the storyline.

It’s a take-a-date kind of film where accidental popcorn throwing, arm hugging, feet off the floor onto the seat, gasping, screen pointing ‘there! Did you see that!’ events will happen. Self-preservation kicks in while the heart beats fast to the thrill while never taking your eyes off the screen even for a moment is going to happen.

These events gained national attention with Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and Joe Rogan’s ‘Question Everything’ on the SyFy channel. So grab some friends and either hit VOD or the theatres to get your creep on with SKINWALKER RANCH. Go to to learn more!

In the end – there is a place the unexplained calls home!



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