Out on DVD from directors Mike Birbiglia and Seth Barrish and IFC Films comes a tale of realizations when you SLEEPWALK WITH ME.

This film tells the story of Matt (Mike Birbiglia), a would-be comic who is in a relationship with Abby (Lauren Ambrose). While Matt works on his comic career, and by which that mean working as a waiter, he must deal with pushy father Frank (James Rebhorn) and docile mother Linda (Carol Kane).

If that isn’t enough Abby has begun to show interest in wanting to get married. All this pressure has caused Matt to be a dangerous sleep walker. Pushing pressures into outrageous dreams has everyone worried and wanting him to seek help.

Help comes but not in the way they expect. There is a renewed interest in Matt as he starts hitting the road to do his comedy. Making friends and working on his craft gives Matt a new sense of himself but puts a distance between he and Abby.

In the middle of it all, the time draws near that Matt must either start being truthful about his life and what he wants and set those straight who try to plan his life for him.

FINAL WORD: Birbiglia is very entertaining as Matt. I enjoyed watching him come full circle. Each step he took toward taking the tons of garbage off his back, the funnier he got but isn’t that how it usually is? I’m only hoping this isn’t taken from personal experience because jumping out the window did NOT look fun in the slightest!

Ambrose as Lauren, if being honest, had the same issues (without sleep walking) as Matt. She wants to get married but truly its not Matt she wants to marry. She has to convince herself as much, if not more, that she is doing the right thing. There are to many moments where I thought “oh no she isn’t!”.

Reborn as pushy and dominating father Frank does a very good job. I felt like he was going to drive me crazy as well! Yelling “run Matt run!” at the screen was fun! Kane as the ditzy Linda was the ‘mom’ comic relief and to my way of thinking probably the most sane of the bunch.

Other cast include: Alice Blythe as A. Capella, Danny Borbon as Tommy, Hannibal Buress as Hannibal, Mary Louise Burke as Aunt Lucille, Teddy Canez as Pedro, Wyatt Cenac as Chris, William Dement as Dr. Dement, Lucy DeVito as Hillary and Phillip Ettinger as Doug.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SLEEPWALK WITH ME three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is both an interesting and bizarre film at the same time. The characters play well off each other and make a solid ensemble cast.

Watching Matt/Mike go through the motions of living his fears through his dreams was not only eye opening but painful at the same time. The poor guy…its hard to want to do the right thing without hurting people and discovering that sometimes that isn’t possible.

The film has garnered some awesome recognition from the Bamcinemafest, Seattle International Film Festival, Just for Laughs Film Festival, Boston Independent Film Festival, and the Provincetown Film Festival.

The DVD includes a Q&A with Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia moderated by Joss Whedon, the “Making Of”, Outtakes, Behind the Scenes Shorts and commentary with Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass.

In the end – when your subconscious has to do the work for you!

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