Coming to DVD from Shout! Kids Factory and Nerd Corps Entertainment is the next installment of our heroes from SLUGTERRA: Heroes of the Underground.

This DVD tells the story of Eli Shane and his slug buddy Burpy. Along with his friends, it is the Shane Gang that must once again go where they haven’t before. This time deep into an icy cavern they meet up with the most unlikely of creatures.

Now having to slug it out with an Ice Ogre, it is not the only thing that’s bothering Eli. A secret will have to be revealed if the Shane Gang is going to find help in saving the underground world from that evil of scientists Dr. Blakk!

FINAL WORD: I have quickly become a fan of the SLUGTERRA series because it is always so keen on friendship, loyalties and protecting those who need it. Those are important things to teach children who are watching and enjoying this animated series.

The action is fast paced and the animation is clearly something to be amazed by. When a story is as good as the ones for SLUGTERRA you can be sure that the whole family can enjoy this series.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SLUGTERRA: Heroes of the Underground three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is certainly an action filled series that doesn’t fail to deliver. I, at first, thought the show was mainly something for boys to get excited about but I was so wrong. Being so informed by my 10-year-old neighbor Kasey, the SLUGTERRA series is one of her absolute favorites. I have been properly put in my place!

Filled with action, adventure, friendships, loyalties and saving the universe from evil scientists and Ice Ogre’s, it is clear why this animated series brings so much to its loyal fans.

This DVD collection contains the episodes “Snowdance”, “Inheritance”, “A Distant Shore”, “The Journey Home” and “Roboslugs”. It also contains the bonus features of creating your own slugs and special Slugisodes!

In the end – they have proven once again they are ready to slug it out!



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