Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory Kids and Nerd Corps. Entertainment comes the first collection from the SLUGTERRA animated series with SLUGTERRA: Return of the Shane Gang.

This collection tells the story of Eli Shane, a young man who wants to be the greatest slugslinger of all time. There is more to this as Eli must train slugs to become his army. What these slugs can do is pretty amazing. Shot from a blaster at 100 miles per hour they turn into battle beasts.

Training with his friends “The Shane Gang” – Trixie, Kord and Pronto, they challenge each other to get better in battle. This is a good thing since now the time has come for them to put their training to use.

Dr. Thaddius Blakk has decided he wants to control all of Slugterra by creating a weapon called the Harbinger Firestorm corrupting Eli’s trained slugs. Now the team must come together to stop it all from happening.

FINAL WORD: This is the kind of DVD my own kids would have enjoyed when they were young. Although I have to say they’d probably still enjoy them. Animated features such as SLUGTERRA are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The animation is well done and the action is constant. The story plots are thought out and not complicated. This is good when trying to reach kids and keep their attention. SLUGTERRA manages quite cleanly to make this the type of show that kids will want to watch over and over – and then wonder when they will see more!

Nerd Corp. has an award-winning studio with many productions including STORM HAWKS, LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL and RATED A FOR AWESOME along with DRAGON BOOSTER. Now with SLUGTERRA: Return of the Shane Gang added to their collection you can see more at

SHOUT! Factory is an amazing company that offers up feature films, classic and contemporary television, animation and film favorites to those who have a library that is constantly growing. See what they have to offer at

Voiced by: Samuel Vincent, Lee Trockar, Shannon Chan-Kent, Andrew Francis, and Mark Oliver.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SLUGTERRA: RETURN OF THE SHANE GANG three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a fun full action packed DVD with a story that is easy to follow and takes the audience on a ride. The creatures are wild and entertaining on they’re own and added to Eli and the gang makes for a special group.

There is so much in this DVD including five episodes: The World Beneath Our Feet (Part One), The World Beneath Our Feet (Part Two), The Trade, The Slugout and Deadweed. There is also an introduction to SLUGTERRA with creator Asaph Fipke and story editor Rob Hoegee with three hours of bonus animated Slugisodes.

In the end – chose your ammo and slug it out!

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