Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown

On DVD from DHX Media and SHOUT! Kids Factory comes a new adventure with the gang and SLUGTERRA: Slug Fu Showdown.

Eli has added new slugs called The Elements that are ancient and very powerful. He knows that they can not be controlled easily but Junjie has an answers. As a new member of the Shane Gang, Junjie tells Eli that he must learn Slug Fu.

A form of slugslinging, it will teach Eli how to control the slugs when there are battles. Also Eli and Junjie must train together away from the others which leads to a new villain who wants to destroy.

Spirex has an evil plan but needs The Elements to complete it but they are hidden with the Shane Gang. Kord, Trixie and Pronto do what they can while Eli and Junjie use their new training to take on Spirex.

It is a Slug Fu battle like no other!

DHX Media Ltd brings family entertainment globally for brands from YO GABBA GABBA!, the iconic TELETUBBIES and a series my adult children use to go crazy over when they were kids INSPECTOR GADGET.

SHOUT! Factory brings the best to fans offering up feature films, classic television series, animation and specials. For more of what they have to offer go to

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SLUGTERRA: Slug Fu Showdown four tubs of popcorn out of five. The new animated elements are amazing to the storyline. The addition of The Elements and Junjie is very cool.

Eli Shane wants to save Slugterra just like his father. Collecting the slugs, each has special powers of Fire, Water, Earth and Energy. There is an actual long list of slugs and their powers that would be impossible to list here.

Eli’s slug is Burpy and Infurnus, Trixie wants everyone to know that Slugs have feelings, Kord is the gang cave troll and Pronto is a rogue master. The addition of the Eastern Realm slugslinger Junjie who can speak to the shadow clan, the Shane Gang is well rounded.

SHOUT! Factory once again brings amazing family programming that, although made for kids, reach the kid-at-heart. These are the type of animated series that are great for families to watch together. It’s awesome to have that connection and talk about it with your kids.

The DVD includes 44 minutes of really amazing animation and storytelling. There is also a bonus feature of Slugisodes: Box Party and Spooker.

In the end – let the slugslinging begin!



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