On Bluray this week from directors Peter Pau, Tianyu Zhao and Well Go USA Entertainment comes the legend of “Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal.”

The story begins with Zhong Kui (Chen Kun), a man who is known to be a heroic warrior. Training with god Zhang Daoxian (Winston Chao) he goes into Hell to retrieve the Dark Crystal being told that it would save the people in the town of Hu. Wanting to do as his Master asks, he sneaks into Hell and snatches it.

After it is retrieved, Daoxian trains Zhong to fight in the most unique way to prepare for a battle he believes it to come with the demons attacking the city. The training is nothing Zhong expected as he learns to jump from one realm to another.

The Demon King is furious and sends Xueqing (Li Bingbing), a snow spirit to find the crystal and return it. Trying to blend in, a caravan of beautiful dancers comes to town but Zhong Kui recognizes the cold handed young woman.

What no one but his sister knows is that a few years past, Zhong fell in love with a woman he called his Little Snow. Thinking he would never see her again, he comes face to face with her and old feelings resurface.

But it is Daoxian who has been playing everyone as the Dark Crystal begins doing it’s evil among the good and only Zhong Kui can save them!

Kun as Zhong Kui is so cool, can I say that? Jumping in between his human form and demon (animation) is so well done. His storyline is that of a man torn by love yet he doesn’t have any problem being a super-badass when it’s needed. I enjoyed his performance from start to finish.

BingBing as the snow spirit also does a spectacular job. She is absolutely beautiful with her soulful eyes and beautiful costuming. Her moves are completely graceful and elegant and even when becoming the snow spirit still remains beautiful.

Chao as Daoxian bedazzles the people of Hu by entering always in a shower of gold. Having them believe he wants the very best for each of them is the only way he can win their trust and obtain the Dark Crystal.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly enjoy the twist of cgi with rich detail and bold action. The storyline speaks to the heart of a legend giving it the right amount of pageantry to keep me watching. There is humor in the film as well which is sweetly done.

The costuming is always so extraordinary in this film from the snow spirit, to her sisters and down the colors are so stunning and beautiful. I am an absolute fan of costuming when telling this kind of story. The CGI is pretty breathtaking as well!

I have come to truly enjoy films of this genre because of what they bring to film fans with a mixture of martial arts and thrills with a dash of romance. It’s the soft heart in me I suppose but I root for love every time!

In the end — he would face heaven and earth for the woman he loves!



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