From director Rupert Sanders and Universal Pictures comes a fairy tale classic retold with “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

This film tells the story of Snow White (Kristen Stewart), a young woman who lost her mother the queen when she was young. It doesn’t take long before her father, the king, is under the spell of her evil stepmother Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and Snow White is imprisoned.

The kingdom falls into a darkness as Ravenna maintains fear in the kingdom with the help of her brother Finn (Sam Spruell). That is until Snow White manages to escape which sends the queen into a frenzy. She orders The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) into the Dark Forest to find Snow White and bring her back.

But Snow White has other plans as gathering those she meets to battle for her father and to take back her kingdom!

FINAL WORD: Stewart does very well playing Snow White. There isn’t a sense of over acting here but instead a calmer and more focused actress. Even using an accent Stewart doesn’t over reach or lose it. It would have been nice to see her becoming more involved sooner understanding the characters needs to reacclimate herself. Yes, I do understand she was locked away for quite a while!

Hemsworth has no problem what so ever being The Huntsman. This isn’t a huge stretch since he is going from wielding the hammer of Thor to swinging an axe. That being said he does well as Snow White’s protector with his own demons to fight. Makes for an interesting back-story for his character.

Theron, what can be said that would truly explain this lady’s talents! There hasn’t been a role I didn’t appreciate her in and a film I have been disappointed about. In this film she gets to be about as evil as she can while being absolutely gorgeous. Her setting and costuming melds into her performance, which in my opinion is flawless!

The seven dwarfs are all familiar faces including Ian McShane as Beith, Bob Hoskins as Muir, Ray Winstone as Gort, Nick Frost as Nion, Eddie Marsan as Duir, Toby Jones as Coll, and Johnny Harris as Quert. Each easily recognized and each a character full of fun and fight!

Other cast includes: Brian Gleeson as Gus, Liberty Ross as Snow White’s mother, Vincent Regan as Duke Hammond and Sam Claflin as William.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Snow White and the Huntsman” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a dark and gritty telling of a somewhat lighter tale but the ideas are still there for a modern audience. This isn’t meant for small children by any means.

My only blah moment was feeling like the door was being slightly open for another film and THAT would not be acceptable on any level for me – but that’s just me.

The film unfolds with every character having their own inner story that is told. The special effects are pretty cool and even the forest the 7-dwarfs live in is not quite what viewers might expect. One bad apple has a whole new meaning.

In the end – mirror, mirror on the wall!

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