Coming to theatres this Friday from director Bong Joon Ho and Radius TWC comes a shocking look at survival when aboard the SNOWPIERCER.

This film tells the story of a global warming experiment gone wrong! When a freeze begins, those that were able had one last resort – to board the Wilford – a train that is continually in motion. With dozens of cars, the tail section consists of people living in the worst conditions and among them is Curtis (Chris Evans).

Working with Gilliam (John Hurt) and Edgar (Jamie Bell), a plan is hatched to take over the front of the train. Success depends on finding Namgoong (Kang-ho Song), the man responsible for being able to open the lock to each car.

Following with no hesitation is Tanya (Octavia Spencer) whose little boy Tim is taken for no apparent reason by a mysterious woman. When those in the front cars try to drill into the tail car peoples’ heads that this is where they belong – the leaders sends Mason (Tilda Swinton).

Before they are ready a situation arises that starts the movement forward, finding Namgoong, he will only cooperate if he can take his daughter Yona (Ah-sung Ko). It is a bloody battle that ensues as Curtis gets closer to Wilford (Ed Harris) and a history is revealed.

Each must decide for themselves if the forward fight will give them freedom!

FINAL WORD: Evans as Curtis looks so much older in this film. This character is beat down on the outside but inside is a drive to make life better for the tail section of this high speed train. Getting the people to work together he follows through, even at the cost of losing friends. Evans has such a harsh and driven look yet in his eyes is the pain of continual loss – and a history.

Bell as Edgar is a high spirited young man with a tag line for everything. He wants so much to follow Curtis into the ‘lion’s den’ and understands the sacrifice that is being asked of him. Bell is the twisted comic relief in some places but when moving forward takes everything, this character gives. I enjoyed watching Bell’s performance and I’ve always kept my eye on his work.

Swinton as Mason is just plain crazy good! Changing her outward appearance is only a tad of what made this character incredible, her mannerisms and ability to pull of such a unique character once again proves what an amazing actress she is.

Hurt as Gilliam has the plan and supports Curtis and Edgar but every supporter has secrets. Spencer as Tanya has no problem getting her hands dirty in this film. As a mother who must stand by as they take her son, she is the first to jump in to fight. Song as Nam is the quiet crazy man. He opens the doors but has plans of his own. Ko as Yona is an interesting young lady to watch offering up gifts of her own in the push forward.

Harris as Wilford is just the right man for this character. Listening to his monologue of explanations I might have hesitated to join his ranks too! He does have that voice with the ability to lull a viewer in whether they know it’s happened or not!

Other cast include: Ewen Bremner as Andrew, Alison Pill as the Teacher, Luke Pasqualino as Grey, Vlad Ivanov as Franco the Elder, Adnan Haskovic as Franco the Younger, Emma Levie as Claude and Steve Park as Fuyu.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SNOWPIERCER three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. What an interesting look at what a group of human beings will finally do to survive! The story takes a little bit of time to come together but once it does it is the battle from train car to train car that gets the blood pumping.

After each car and seeing the ladder of humanity continue to bring more mystery it is as if those fighting don’t see anything but the final destination. The performances are well done, the minimal space for filming just adds to the tension and the class system is believable.

In the end – fight your way to the front!



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