Opening in theatres this Friday from director Michael J. Bassett and The Weinstein Company is an epic tale when battling for the soul of SOLOMON KANE.

This film tells the story of Solomon Kane (James Purefoy), after turning from his father Josiah Kane (Max von Sydow) orders him to become a priest he runs away from home as a boy leaving a vicious brother Marcus (Samuel Roukin) as overlord.

Kane travels the world seeking treasure in Africa when Devil’s Reaper attempts to take his soul, Kane wanders refusing to cause any harm. Walking along the road, jumped and left for dead, he is rescued by William Crowthorn (Pete Postlethwaite), wife Katherine (Alice Krige), sons Edward (Anthony Wilks) and young Samuel (Patrick Hurd-Wood).

On the road they all encounter a village filled with evil and daughter Meredith (Rachel Hurd-Wood) is taken in by a demon child and marked. A darkness quickly takes over the countryside and Kane realizes it quickly. Now an army being made into evil is destroying everything in its path.

To stop evil from engulfing everything, Kane must break his vow.

FINAL WORD: Purefoy as Kane has little to say but when he does speak – be very afraid. He is an actor that shows more emotion through he eyes and face than swinging a sword – although he does that quite well too! Kane is a tortured soul with a tale and that makes for a storyline riveting to watch.

Purefoy has always chosen the most interesting roles. If the name rings a bell lets try these film titles – A KNIGHT’S TALE, RESIDENT EVIL, JOHN CARTER, and VANITY FAIR to name a few. Soon, we will be exposed to his murderous creepy side as he stars oppose Kevin Bacon in the upcoming television series THE FOLLOWING on Fox.

Hurd-Wood gets down and gritty as Meredith. Taken by the darkness, she is the only reason Kane decides to get back in to the ass-kickin business. Max von Sydow always puts in a stellar performance, especially when he gets to be a ruler! Roukin, lets just say I wouldn’t want him for a brother either!

It was nice to see Postlethwaite again as a father protecting his family. Along with Krige as the doting mother who believes in Kane’s ability to rescue her child.

Other cast include: Lucas Stone as Young Solomon, Isabel Bassett as The Witch, Ian Whyte as the Devil’s Reaper, Robert Russell as the Abbott, Mackenzie Crook as Father Michael, Philip Winchester as Henry Telford, Stewart Moore as Garrick, David Listvan as Gilligan, Jiri Kraus as Smith, Tomas Tobola as Hawkstone, Ben Steel as Fletcher, Rory McCanna as McNess and Jason Flemyng as Malachi.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SOLOMON KANE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Truly this is visually very cool to watch and the story, with a few flashbacks, slowly revs up to a conclusion of graphic mayhem.

I am a huge fan of period pieces with the costuming, accents and the harsh 16th century look but even more so if the story is a solid one. This film offers action and a darkness that is compelling to watch. All of this combined together makes SOLOMON KANE a film one that needs to be watched on a huge screen with surround sound over and over again.

In the end – there are many paths to redemption, not all of them peaceful.



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