From director Christopher Spencer and producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett along with LightWorkers Media and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes SON OF GOD.

This is the story of Jesus (Diogo Morgado) from the beginning of his relationship with disciples Peter (Darwin Shaw), John (Sebastian Knapp), Thomas (Matthew Gravelle), Judas (Joe Wredden) and Mary Magdalene (Amber Rose Revah).

Spreading the gospel has caused the group problems from those afraid of what Jesus is teaching. Multitudes of people wait to hear him speak which upsets the leaders of the church. They call upon Rome to put a stop to it all.

But all the leaders had help as Judas makes a decision that sets everything in motion. It is Pilate (Greg Hicks) who will seal the fate of Jesus, even at the pleading of his own wife Claudia (Louise Delamere).

Now the disciples as well as Mary, mother of Jesus (Roma Downey) watch as Rome does its worst.

FINAL WORD: Morgado as Jesus is clearly portraying a man who had a sensitive way with people. It is difficult enough playing a character that once lived, but playing Jesus is even more difficult because of the sensitivity of faithful followers. Morgado has wonderful expressions bringing the viewers into his heart as it were.

Shaw, Knapp, Gravelle and Wredden as disciples do a grand job at portraying men with frailties, insecurities and doubts. The interesting part of the film is the unexpected and out front view of Mary Magdalene as part of the faithful. This brings a point that hasn’t been covered before in other films like this one.

Downey as Mary, mother of Jesus, brings motherly emotion to scenes that no mother would ever want to witness. Even until the final scene she is strong yet every part a mother grieving for the pain of her son.

Other cast includes: Paul Knops as Adam, Darcie Lincoln as Eve, David Rintoul as Noah, Gary Oliver as Abraham, William Houston as Moses, Stewart Scudamore as Ramesses, Noso Anozie as Samson, Conan Stevens as Goliath, Langley Kirkwood as King David, Joe Coen as Joseph, and Daniel Percival as John the Baptist.

The DVD has special features that includes SON OF GOD: Reborn with a 30 minute Docu-Story of Christians Today, Jesus for a New Generation, Making of the Video (includes Spanish version), From the SON OF GOD set and a Compassion Video.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SON OF GOD three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. The cinematography is quite beautiful and the costuming lends to the period. The story is one that we all may know but when put in such a setting with fine actors still is a story worth telling.

Executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett say of the film, “What an honor it has been to bringing the story of the life of Jesus Christ to so many people. Now families can bring the story into their homes and enjoy together”.

The song “Mary, Did You Know?” is performed beautifully by CeeLo Green. The entire musical soundtrack is equally well done lending emotion to an already emotional film. There are scenes of violence, as would be expected especially the crucifixion.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has an award winning portfolio of films and entertainment content that are available on DVD, Bluray and Digital HD.

In the end – their empire, his kingdom.



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