Let’s be honest here, none of us can get enough of SONS OF ANARCHY! Now, Season Six is available just in time to catch up before the final season airs in less than two weeks.

The genius of creator Kurt Sutter has brought us all some moments that we will never forget and Season Six brought more than we could handle.

Tara and Clay have been arrested and Jax is attempting to keep SAMCRO together. Crazy man Toric tries to turn each against the club but how long can that hold out? Not long as Clay cracks thinking Damon Pope would take him down.

Bobby still isn’t back as Juice returns but Chibs still has to keep from knocking Juice around after talking to the cops. He isn’t the only one with crazy issues as Tig goes after a group of Iranians making porn and hurting the girls.

Trying to bring the group around, Jax wants to break from dealing in guns. The last deal Jax makes brings gunfire at a local school as Jax and SAMCRO are blamed for it all. Finally, Gemma discovers what Tara is up to and a confrontation ends the season on a jaw dropping note.

It’s hard to believe that the final season is about to begin! At San Diego Comic Con International this summer Kurt Sutter had a few things to say about his seven year creation.

I know you can’t tell us much but what can you tell us besides a lot of people are going to die.

Oh not a lot of people are going to die…okay a lot of people are going to die. Obviously the events that happened at the end of season six help season seven. This is the most pro-active year I think this year. Jax has been handed the garbage of the previous leadership. (Abruptly he yells ‘hey, keep it down’ to the other tables and we all laugh). Oh so what was I saying? Oh yea, leadership, so Jax has always been reacting to the chaos around him and trying to put things back together. This season he comes out with a singular purpose and is the insighter of the chaos. It’s almost like writing a new character and Charlie is having a blast. It’s good work.

How long will the episodes be this finale year?

Somewhere along season four or five it became very difficult for me to turn scripts in on time. The mythology got bigger as relationships got deeper and the connective tissue became more complicated. It became difficult to contain it in those 32 or 33 minutes. At one point I said I don’t know what to cut and that’s when the network became aware of where it was going. So not all the episodes are 90 minutes but I think the premier is long and episodes two or three are 15 minutes longer so an extra act. So they are all going to be larger than they are supposed to be. I don’t plan that. The page counts are always the same ad the shooting is all the same but it’s what lands on screen.

How do you go about writing this final season?

One of the things I was very aware of coming into this season was I didn’t want it to feel like a final season but more of a next season. I wanted the mythology to be complete so there was no more story to tell. I think that’s an important thing to do. I have mile markers of where I want things to end. Most of that deals with tone, theme, emotionality, relationships…I have a sense of where I want things to go. I want the A episodes tweak the arc of the show and you pile up enough of those you have a lot of tweaks. It really happens organically and collaboratively. I buttoned up this season very closely. As I’m writing episode seven I still see filming episode four and use that collaboration when I go forward in the writing process. I’m doing nothing different.

Where there any stories that you couldn’t do because of time?

Not so much because of time because the network has been very generous. I have been very lucky. I built up a lot of trust with the network and studio and they give me a lot of freedom and I bounce things off John Landgraff. I don’t think there is any story that I wasn’t allowed to tell.

In preparation for the final season of SONS OF ANARCHY, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has released the season six in Bluray. If that isn’t enough for you how about the special features section including: Deleted Scenes, Commentary on Episode 1, “Straw” featuring Kurt Sutter, Paris Barclay and Jimmy Smits, Commentary on Episode 13 (The Finale), “A Mother’s Work”, featuring Kurt Sutter, Paris Barclay, Maggie Siff and Katey Segal, Anarchy Afterword with Season Premier, The Mad King, Season Finale, Character Good Byes, Sons for Sandy and a Gag Reel that is hilarious!

I’ll be honest, I started a few weeks ago revisiting ever episode for the FX hit series SONS OF ANARCHY. I wanted to go back and be thrilled by every episode with intense storylines, brilliant characters and actors who just made it all look so easy.

This Labor Day weekend, run out and get your own copy of SONS OF ANARCHY: Season Six – gather up your SOA gang and dive into one of the best seasons ever before hitting up the finale in 10 days!



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