Are you ready hawg-heads? I can’t hear you! Are you ready? Yes, it’s that time again as SONS OF ANARCHY begins its sixth season this Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on FX. So before you pull up a bar stool and get elbows deep into the season, lets recap season five released on DVD!

You better have plenty of time this weekend because there is more here than fans could possibly imagine. So lets get started! Season Five became the season that shocked fans as alliances changed, secrets came out, relationships caused chaos and Mr. Mayhem didn’t get what he wanted (and most will know what that means!).

This is the season we are introduced to Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits) who we see Gemma (Katey Sagal) waking up to after a wild night. With a gun to his face Nero re-introduces himself as she begins to realize what happened the previous night. It doesn’t take long before fans learn about Nero’s business of providing, shall we say, comfort to paying clients.

Also, Damon Pope (Harold Perrineau) is seeking revenge against Tig (Kim Coates) and finds it with Tig’s daughter causing jaws around the planet to drop. At the table Clay (Ron Perlman) finally comes clean, in his own round about way, about what really happened to Piney. At the same time Opie (Ryan Hurst) steps away from the table and the club to grieve his father’s death.

Once the club realizes what has happened to Tig’s daughter, they jump into action to protect his other daughter by getting her out of town and Pope’s reach. In the middle of Nero’s establishment Jax and Tara (Maggie Siff) exchange vows! But the hammer is about to fall.

Warrants are out for the arrest of the Sons as Jax makes a deal with Romero Parada (Danny Trejo) and Luis Torres (Benito Martinez) to keep the MC safe while in jail. Agreeing to be taken by the town law Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) they Sons are surprised when Opie turns up to join them.
In prison Pope has a talk with Jax saying that would be free to go on two conditions – 1) one of the four men, Chibs (Tommy Flannigan), Opie or Jax had to be offered up and 2) Tig couldn’t be one of them as Pope wants him to spend the rest of his life in prison. Jax has no choice but to agree to those terms and now the decision falls completely on his shoulders.

When the unthinkable happens to Opie, Jax is devastated and, at the last minute, deals with Pope once again for Tig’s life on the condition that he be delivered at a later date. Once the bargain is struck the three Sons are out of jail. Nero’s partner Carla (Wanda De Jesus) ends up in jail with Gemma when the club is busted.

Roosevelt isn’t happy at all, especially when there is someone out causing home invasions. Most of them are MC members as Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) is hit in Gemma’s house. It hits home when Roosevelt’s wife is attacked.

As Jax and Tara try to get out of town they ask Gemma to babysit the boys. Tara is already unhappy with Wendy (Drea de Matteo) trying to wiggle into Abel’s life. Happy to be asked, Gemma drives the boys while high and wraps around a tree. At the same time a few of the Sons are attacked by gun toting van drivers.

Jax is furious and on a rampage to find out who is responsible for hitting the club and the home invasions. As he begins to make the connections to Clay he tells Gemma the only way she will ever be allowed near her grandsons again is if he goes back to Clay and make him ‘feel like a king’ to get answers.

The answer are closer than he knows as Unser is attacked again and two of the club members are unmasked. The third is Frankie Diamonds (Chuck Zito) who is on the run as far away from Charming as he can get. That doesn’t stop Jax who follows Frankie but not before Clay and Juice (Theo Rossi) get to him first.

Bringing Clay to the table the club agrees he is out but when it comes to him meeting Mr. Mayhem, it’s Munson (Mark Boone Junior) who stops it from happening. Jax is furious at Clay and finally calls Juice out on what he knows. Juice cops to everything and Jax uses that as a way to finally nail Clay on everything he’s done. Clay knows the walls are closing in as Tara gets Otto Delaney (Kurt Sutter) to recant his statement against the club, which kills the Rico act charges against the club.

But in one fell swoop; Tara’s life and career are spiraling downward as Otto uses Tara’s compassion against her killing a nurse in prison. Waiting in the winds is Lee Toric (Donal Logue), brother to the slain nurse who is a retired U.S. Marshall. Immediately jumping in he doesn’t care who he has to run over to get to the truth.

Clay, knowing his time is running out, makes one last effort asking Galen (Tim V. Murphy) who runs guns for the Irish to take him back to Belfast. Agreeing immediately, Clay tells Gemma its time to go for a while and she agrees.

But it all comes to a head as Theo caves, Clay is speechless, Gemma plays shocked, Jax works with Roosevelt, Munson takes off his V.P. badge, Nero sets up once again with a new business, Pope has another thing coming, and the club begins to clean up its business with those who tried to bring them down.

And that, my friends is the total Readers Digest hugely condensed version of events in Season Five. That is exactly why running out and buying Season Five on DVD (especially on blu-ray) is the smart thing to do. Here’s what else you can catch up on as it includes the Creator’s Cut on selected episodes, deleted scenes (which I personally love), commentaries on selected episodes, Kurt Sutter: Creating Anarchy, a fan concert at the clubhouse, a gag reel and Opie Winston.
There is so much on this DVD that I’m still trying to maneuver through it all and loving it! This has to be the most shocking season of SONS OF ANARCHY that I’ve seen. Every episode has a jaw dropping secret revealed or shock to it.

Fans last season went totally viral when Gemma and Clay had their knock down drag out and I thought that sparked a revolution. Outdoing that in Season Five is the death of everyone’s beloved Opie. Personally I’m hoping creator/writer/producer Sutter will pull a magic act and we find that Opie faked his death and is working with the feds to start a new life. Would that be asking too much?

Coming into Season Six it will be interesting to see if alliances are holding, who will step up to the plate and how many more secrets are out there (including everything that was in Clay’s safe – damn you Juice, golden rule never leave a desperate person alone!)

Will Gemma keep it hot and heavy with Nero? Will Chibs be the next V.P? (yes please) Will Bobby side with Clay in prison? Will Tig and Juice remain loyal to Jax? Will Tara get out of prison before her boys go off to college? Will Galen and the Irish get back into the picture (which is okay with me because I adore you Tim!)? Will Pope’s replacement play well with the club? Will Happy (David LaBrava) and Filthy Phil (Christopher Reed) move up in ranks now that the MC’s numbers are so small? Will the feds/Mexican cartel get caught in their own game? Finally, will Tig keep the adorable white pit bull to take the place of his beloved Missy?

Yes, there are a hundred more questions but I have to post this before the 12th of never! I know where I’m going to be this Tuesday at 10 p.m at the station that continues to bring outstanding programs that are cutting edge and worth following. Fans should be running to the store to get Season Five of SONS OF ANARCHY on dvd blu-ray to get revved up for the new season!



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