Available on DVD and Digital HD this week from director Jack Plotnick is a hyper spaced look at SPACE STATION 76.

This film tells the story of Jessica (Liv Tyler) who has arrived on Space Station 76, a satellite near Earth, to be first mate. Headed by Captain Glenn (Patrick Wilson), he seems more interested in smoking and drinking on deck by himself than dealing with the ships other inhabitants.

Jessica instantly makes friends with Sunshine (Kylie Rogers), a young girl who is mainly ignored by her mother Misty (Marisa Coughlan). The only time Misty seems happy is after her meeting with the bot-shrink and a higher dosage of valium. The young girl’s father Ted (Matt Bomer) has also taken a liking to Jessica.

On this space station – personalities can’t be held back forever and once they come spilling out, no one seems surprised. Stuck in space it becomes clear quickly that there is a lot of stress and some issues – okay a whole lot of issues with every member of the crew.

FINAL WORD: Tyler as Jessica portrays a woman who is trying to fit in. Well, this isn’t exactly the place to do that. Finding some happiness with Sunshine, that too becomes a battle. Finding friendship, and a smoking partner, with Ted is just trouble waiting to happen.

Bomer as Ted has the pure joy, oh alright the pure irritation of having a wife who just won’t be happy. Finding a little happiness with his mechanical hand, it isn’t enough when he is face to face with Jessica.

Coughlan as Misty is arrogant and more than a little self centered who happens to be fixated on a shrink-bot. Unhappy about her life on the station, Misty is the person to go to when you want rumors to start and untruths to be told. She seems more interested in being popular with everyone than being loving to her family.

Rogers as Sunshine is completely adorable. She is a young girl trying to somehow reach her parents who are just plain estranged from her as well as each other. Her scenes with Tyler are very sweet – they picked the right kid for this character.

Wilson as Captain Glenn is just a crazed button flipper who wants to chain smoke his way through space. Always looking confused he takes brief moments to interact with his crew and it just goes horribly wrong. Wilson has a great knack for keeping a straight face!

Dr. Bot just cracks me up totally. He has a tendency to interrupt patients when they speak with cliché’s and pat answers to the psychological problems of those aboard. If I had one I’d probably launch it out into space after a while.

The DVD includes bonus extras with Outtakes, Deleted Scenes and Zero Gravity: Making Space Station 76 12-minute featurette. The cast and crew along with the filmmakers talk about making SPACE STATION 76.

Other cast include Kali Rocha as Donna, Jerry O’Connell as Steve, Victor Togunde as James, Sam Pancake as Saul, Michael Stoyanov as Dr. Bot and Katherine Ann McGregor as Janice.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SPACE STATION 76 three tubs of popcorn out of five. I am not going to lie; this film is so twisted and quirky with mixed adult messages that have me giggling. Once the secrets pour out, stand back because in space everyone can hear you scream. It’s just a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should we, how about just have fun!

It has to be said that the music in the film is so frakken stellar. It is all my favorites of the 1970’s era. Watching the film one can’t help but sing along – yea, that’s what I did alright and proud of it! I would LOVE a dvd of the soundtrack because there are some serious jams to be had.

In the end – welcome to the future of the past.



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