On DVD from director/writer Deborah Kampmeier and Candy Factory Films is a look at the life of a young woman trying to mend from the “Split.”

Inanna (Amy Ferguson) is a young girl living the life of a dancer at night and a performance artist in the day. She finds herself infatuated with Derek (Morgan Spector) a man who doesn’t realize she is a dancer in the club he visits.

Seeing Derek at rehearsal for a play by Athena (Joan MacIntosh), she realizes that he is making the masks for the show. Taking the opportunity to get to know him, it is instantaneous that he asks her to marry him.

Aware that Derek is an artist it is also clear he has serious insecurity issues wanting Inanna to stop being in the play. Believing that love should keep them together, Inanna allows herself to be disrespected at every turn. Even her friend Anja knows what is happening and tries to make Inanna aware of it.

But she has come to slowly realize that this play is something that is about to change her life but she must have the courage to embrace it.

Love starts with ones self!

Ferguson as Inanna is certainly a young woman who is trying to grow but her life is running in so many different directions. This actress shows every bit of the confusion on her face and eyes which is spectacular. I so appreciate her performance and as she awakens during the play, it is done elegantly and with heart.

Spector as Derek is an artist who has a clear vision of his work just not a clear vision about life, love and respect. I have to admit that if I knew someone like Derek I’d probably lose my mind. In his own swirl of darkness he seems complacent about what is happening to Inanna because to think he didn’t care would be almost cruel.

MacIntosh as Athena is a woman knowing that Inanna has the ability to bring ever bit of herself to a role that bares everything — literally. Her belief in this young girl grows with every moment of rehearsal until the opening night performance that is just amazing.

Mouglalis as Anja knows that the life Inanna is a part of is not one she should be. Sharing her fears about Derek is absolutely what a friend would and should do and I applauded her doing just that.

Other cast include Fredric Lehne as Dave, Raina von Waldenburg as Iris, Antonia Hughes as Shelley, Jennifer Onvie as Lil, Sophia Oppenheim as Sonia, Rutanya Alda as Melissa, Samia Akudo as Mariama, Jason Alazraki as John and Richard Aldis as Gerard.

Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking, filmmaker-friendly company dedicated to producing unique and compelling films. Candy Factory is at the forefront of a new vanguard reaching distinct audiences. With award-winning and acclaimed films across every genre, Candy Factory is committed to creating and fostering communities around independent and progressive cinema. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.candyfactoryfilms.com.

“Split” is so many things in one film. It is the story of a young woman trying to discover own potential, self worth and limits. Mixed in between that is that same journey of all the women of the show Inanna is in.

Take that harshness and wrap it up in the raw fear, frustration and longing of a theatre performance that brings all of these women together. With the music that is ethereal and moving, this film brings together every emotion that women try to hide.

Although there is nudity of the women performing, it becomes buried down the line of what the film is trying to convey. It is important to be aware of the nudity but do not let it sway you from experiencing the film. There is intergenerational and multiracial women of all different body types to be sure and that is absolutely worthy of kudos.

“Split” is part of Kampmeier trilogy including “Hounddog” in 2007 and “Virgin” in 2003. She is an award winning filmmaker and theatre director and has written/directed short films. For more of the work Kampmeier continues to do please visit www.fullmoonfilmsny.com.

In the end — she must claim herself!



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