In theaters from writer/director Paul Feig and 20th Century Fox is the comedy I’ve been waiting for with “Spy.”

This film tells the story of Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy), working with the CIA as an analyst and the voice in the ear of Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Looking for bad girl Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), Cooper knows all has gone horribly wrong when Agent Fine is taken out.

Cooper’s boss Agent Crocker (Allison Janney) now must deal with a very angry Agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) whose swears vengeance on those who killed Fine. Pointing the finger at Boyanov and her accomplices Solsa Dudaev (Richard Brake) and Sergio De Luca (Bobby Cannavale) they need a plan as all agents covers are blown.

Cooper decides to volunteer with the thinking that no one would suspect her. Against Crocker’s judgement and the irritation of Agent Ford, the plan is a go! They must find Boyanov before she sells a nuclear weapon to the highest bidder.

Hooking up with the new voice in the ear is Nancy B. Artingstall (Miranda Hart) who is giddy that Cooper is becoming a field agent. Arriving in Europe Cooper is surprised by Agent Ford presence and he makes plan hating the idea of her even having any part of the operation.

A last minute decision by Cooper places her directly, literally, in the line of fire with Boyanov and she must use her training and wits to stop the sale and prove she is one hell of an agent.

Of course not everything is as it seems in the spy world!

Other cast include: Michael McDonald as Patrick, Julian Miller as Nicola, Nargis Fakhri as Lia, Morena Baccarin as Karen Walker, Will Yun Lee as Timothy Cress, Katie Dippold as Katherine, Jessica Chaffin as Sharon and Peter Serafinowicz as Aldo with a cameo by 50 Cent.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Spy” four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I can’t remember when the last time it was that I laughed till I almost fell out of my chair and pretty sure my jaw dropped a few times as well. From the beginning to the very end this film is hilarious!

In the end — the world has never met a spy quite like this one!



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