Out on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network come the SQUIDBILLIES.

This series tells the ongoing story of the Cuyler, Appalachian Mud Squids and are on the federally protected endangered species list. Living in Dougal County, Georgia and are basically protected by the towns sheriff. Say hello to Ruby Jean, Early, and Russell – the most deviant squidbillies you’ll ever want to meet.

SQUIDBILLIES is no exception pushing the envelope with jokes, one liners and looks that only animates should have. These squid have no filter whatsoever and I wouldn’t want them too.

The SQUIDBILLIES is written by Dave Willis and if that name seems familiar, I’m sure that AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE will as well which he is also responsible for. Jim Fortier also writes the show and he is responsible for (hold on Jason!) SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST.

The DVD includes: Snow Daddy, Velvet Messiah, Asbestos I can, Class of ’86, Keeping it in the Family Way, BallMart, The Pharaoh’s Wad, Return of GaGa Pee Pap, and Trucked Up! There is a bonus digital video discisode TRUCKED UP 2: Glenn’s Revenge and TRUCKED UP 3: The Scrambler Revealed.

Cast include: David Willis as Narrator, Unknown Hinson as Early, Daniel McDevitt as Rusty, Dana Snyder as Granny.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SQUIDBILLIES three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Of course this is one of Adult Swims’ hit shows. One of my favorite episodes is BALLMART – and Ruby Jean is hilarious!

It should be mentioned that this isn’t for little kids – but it is ABSOLUTELY for us big kids who need some good laughs, solid fun and crazy animation! So don’t wait another minute and pick up your copy of Season Five and the SQUIDBILLIES!

In the end – they are all truck’d up!



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