On Bluray from director/writer Theodore Melfi, TWC and Anchor Bay comes the trials and tribulations of one ST. VINCENT.

Oliver (Jaesen Lieberher) is a young man living with his mother Maggie (Melissa McCarthy). Recently moving into a new home to start over again, Oliver meets neighbor Vincent (Bill Murray). Vincent is an interesting fellow to say the least with his drinking, stubbornness and inability to be cordial.

But Oliver is drawn to the grumpy neighbor as Maggie is in need of a sitter for her son. Vince is more than happy to do the job as long as there is money involved and it doesn’t get in the way of his time private with Daka (Naomi Watts).

Every day Oliver goes off to school to learn from Brother Geraghty (Chris O’Dowd), the priest trying to teach a classroom full of kids what it means to be saintly. Spending every moment possible with Vincent, Oliver just might learn that lesson.

FINAL WORD: Lieberher as Oliver is a kid to keep an eye on. I absolutely love how he handled the role of this young man relearning the world without his father and a mother who needs to work to keep them going. Having Bill Murray as a side-kick in a film is tough enough on an adult but Lieberher is just amazing and makes it look flawless.

McCarthy as Mom Maggie is also adjusting to this new life that includes a grumpy Vincent as a neighbor. Knowing her options are limited to who can care for Oliver, she gives it a chance – even though every fiber of her being is sending off alarms! McCarthy is endearing and straightforward here showing her acting range.

Watts as Daka is hilarious! Of course she is a Russian woman who keeps Vincent physically happy while also being pregnant. Normally I’d think that would make her a little grumpy but instead Daka is upbeat, sees life for what it is and certainly doesn’t take any crap from Vincent – Watts nails it!

O’Dowd is charming and sweet as Brother Geraghty. There is something about this actor that is totally endearing with every role he takes. In this film he tries so hard to explain things without coloring outside the lines. His nervousness makes me laugh!

Of course it has to be said that the winner here is Murray. What a grand chance to see him kick back and just let loose. Teaching Oliver the wiles and ways of this big back world are often more humorous then I suppose they should be but my humor is twisted like that. There is absolutely nothing not to enjoy about Murray’s performance and my only wish is that he would do even more. Is that being greedy?

Other cast include: Terrence Howard as Zucko, Kimberly Quinn as Nurse Ana, Lenny Venito as Coach Mitch, Nate Corddry as Terry, Dario Barosso as Ocinski, Donna Mitchell as Sandy, Ann Dowd as Shirley, Scott Adsit as David and Reg. E. Cathey as Gus.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ST. VINCENT four tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes I’m all for it because of Bill Murray but also because of the story and the young actor who manages to keep pace with Murray line for line. That being said it is also an amazing storyline with an ending that will drop a tear and cheer whether you mean to or not. This is a very well done film from beginning to end so owning the DVD is a plus!

ST. VINCENT has been nominated by the Screen Actors Guild, Broadcast Film Critics Association, The Golden Globes along with other Film Critic, Societies and Film Festivals. It has won awards from Heartland Film for Truly Moving Motion Picture, from the Las Vegas Film Critics Society with a Sierra Award and the Phoenix Film Critics Society and its PFCS Award.

The DVD includes the special features of Deleted Scenes and Bill Murray is St. Vincent: Patron Saint of Comedy which I highly suggest watching.

In the end – with neighbors like these who needs family?



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