Coming to theatres, On Demand and iTunes this week from director Stephen S. Campanelli and STARZ Digital is a action with a little “Momentum.”

Alex Faraday (Kurylenko) has a complicated past that is turned upside town when a bank robbery doesn’t quite go according to plan. Trying to get away she sees one of her partners murdered and is now on the run without really knowing why.

She is seen by a slick master assassin and cold hearted Mr. Washington (James Purefoy) who wants something she has – and it isn’t the diamonds. There is a key he wants and so does the mysterious Senator (Morgan Freeman).

The chase is on as Alex uses the knowledge and skill to stay one step ahead of Washington who actually likes Alex. But there are secrets that must be kept at all costs being made more difficult but Alex who wants answers!

It is a race for life!

Kurylenko as Alex, first and foremost, is stunning! From the moment of her reveal it is clear that this is going to be a complex character yet Kurylenko glides through it. She continues to choose roles that are diverse which I enjoy but “Momentum” really gives her chops – you’ll see in her scene at the warehouse with Purefoy.

Purefoy as Mr. Washington is deliciously evil but then again this is not surprise to fans who have followed his career. The first time I saw this actor was probably as most did with the 2001 release of “A Knight’s Tale” playing the royal Colville. He has a handsome face that is not easy to forget (or perhaps I just don’t want to). From then on he gives steady on performances. In 2013 he creates a whole new set of fans with the television series “The Following” playing the steady villain Joe Carroll. Yes, he does do psycho very well and playing Mr. Washington looks a breeze.

Freeman as the Senator has a lot of explaining to do and Freeman can take his time doing it. Yes, here is another actor I enjoy watching and when given a character that is perhaps good although he looks bad is awesome, and of course we are going to give Freeman the benefit of the doubt.

Other cast include: Jenna Saras as Jessica, Karl Thaning as Doug MacArthur, Lee-Anne Summers as Penny, Aidan Whytock as Frank, Greg Kriek as Mr. Monroe, Daniel Fox as Amphetamine, or Lisa Leonard as Lisa.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Momentum” four tubs of popcorn out of five. First of all, what a great cast to put together this intense drama of twists and turns. The fighting sequences are amazing, the action is just none stop once it gets started with an ending that is epic and worthy of a cool storyline.

This is Campanelli’s directorial debut and with his vision behind the camera it is clear to see how “Momentum”’s cinematography is a story within itself. Writers Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan bring secrets and twists to the characters it is easy to see more coming.

What starts out as grabbing a few diamonds turns into something more dangerous than this character could ever expect! Now that Alex has been ‘hiding in the darkness’ I think coming back into the light might prove to be fantastic.

In the end — nothing is as it seems!



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