Coming to theatres from director Wiebke von Carolsfeld and Gravitas Ventures comes a story of what we desire most when we STAY.

This film tells the story of Dermot (Aidan Quinn), an Irishman who likes the way things are in his life. When girlfriend Abby (Taylor Schilling) discovers she is pregnant, it is a little more than he can take.

Abby leaves to go visit family and decide what she wants to do. Visiting her father (Michael Ironside) it doesn’t take long for him to figure out that an addition to the family is coming. Abby is just so unsure of and being at a crossroads no longer is all about her.

While she is away Dermot finds himself in the company of a teenage Sean (Barry Keoghan), a young man who isn’t sure of his place in life either. There relationship is a learning experience for them both as Dermot finds himself sharing his story with the young boy.

Life lessons can come from the most simplest of places!

FINAL WORD: Quinn as Dermot plays the role of a man with hidden secrets of a life before a new love. Having to leave a teaching position in disgrace, he finds comfort being away from people. Thinking Abby did as well, it comes as a shock when she announces he is pregnant. Quinn manages to keep his emotions in check quite well but this fine actor always seems to give emotion with heartfelt facial expressions and I fall for it every time.

Schilling as Abby is clearly a confused about what she wants regarding her condition. Clearly in love with Dermot – that isn’t the problem, but instead her feelings of a childhood mess keep her from being excited about the pregnancy. Schilling’s scenes with father Ironside are a reminder that sometimes the family you wanted wasn’t the one you needed. Schillings hit series ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is another reason to keep an eye on this actress.

Ironside comes in as Abby’s father wanting the best for his daughter. Once he discovers a grandchild is on the way he is so endearing. Keoghan as the teen Sean is not only and amazing young man but brilliant in this role. Testing Quinn’s character constantly I couldn’t wait to see what he’d come up with next. Keoghan’s portrayal is of a young man that seems to know more about life than those adults around him.

Other cast include: Carrie Crowley as Marge Meehan, Nika McGuigan as Deirdre, Rayleen Kenny as Mary Meehan, Eric Bruneau as Luc, Pascale Montpetit as Celine, Chris McHallem as Michael, Darine Ni Dhonnchadha as Mrs. Keeting and Gina Moxley as Mrs. Brennan.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give STAY three tubs of popcorn out of five. The cinematography is beautiful with the vast landscape of Ireland. It is interesting that the two people although supposedly one story spends most of the film separated. Working out there differences keeps them apart until their own fears of life are put at ease. Oh how silly we carbon based units are sometimes.

Director Carolsfeld also did the films EISENSTEIN, THE BAY OF LOVE AND SORROW and a film I enjoyed MARION BRIDGE. She seems to have such a quiet grasp of human qualities and frailties putting them on film for us all to feel.

In the end – what will lead them home!



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