Opening this Friday from director/writer Michael McGowan, Mongrel Media and Samuel Goldwyn Films is a film to be experiences because it’s STILL MINE.

This film tells the story of farmer Craig Morrison (James Cromwell) and his lovely wife Irene (Genevieve Bujold), a couple in there 80’s sharing their lives after the kids have grown and gone. Growing crops and cattle they are living day to day together.

But Craig has already begun to notice something is wrong with Irene. Little things here and there until the little things become noticeable to everyone else. Yet the couple is still in love and have their memories in private moments.

Whittling down their lives, Craig decided to build a house near the lake on their land. Neighbor Chester (George R. Robertson) bring them news that even though the land belongs to Morrison, they must pay a fee and have plans to build the house.

Son Gavin (Ronan Reese) is the spokesman for the siblings keeping an eye on their parents but daughter Ruth (Julie Stewart) wants more. Rules, regulations, and laws are getting in the way of the dream. Bureaucrat Mr. Daigle (Jonathan Potts) seems to have it out for Craig and puts a halt to the building.

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