Coming to DVD this week from director Conor McMahon and Dark Sky Films is a comedy with laughs of the darker kind with STITCHES.

This film tells the story of Tom (Tommy Knight), who as a kid had a birthday party along with his friends. His mother invited Stitches (Ross Noble) the clown to come perform. This kids quickly let this clown know that he isn’t funny and they aren’t even close to being amused.

As the kids make fun of Stitches an accident happens and the clown’s lights go out! Tom is traumatized especially when he witnesses an eerie ceremony by other clowns. Six years later Tom is still taking medication for his anxiety!

He wakes up on his birthday again and sees a few disturbing images. Trying to get it out of his mind he invites friend Vinny (Shane Murray Cochran) to come over for a quiet celebration. Of course that doesn’t happen when word spreads there is to be a party at Tom’s house!

As the gang starts showing up there is one person Tom truly wishes would be there and that’s Kate (Gemma Deveraux), the girl who kissed him in the tree house the last party. What none of them knows is that an unexpected guest has vengeful plans for the party.

And all because a clown always finishes the show!

FINAL WORD: Knight as Tom perfectly portrays the shy, clown trauma driven young man with a crush on the Goth girl. He made me laugh several times yet also seemed more heroic than the rest of the bunch. I mean he actually kind of has to make up for the last party so I totally get it.

Cochran as Vinny is the typical teenage best friend who is pretty much out for a good time and a girl with boobs – is there really anything else to say? Oh yes, he’s good at tying shoelaces. Deveraux as Kate is very sweet and hides behind the Goth that is until she finally shows her true feelings.

The winner here is obviously Noble as Stitches. It is a horrible way to go for a clown to be sure but his comeback is totally epic. His one-liners, prop use and creepy nature work for me. Of course there is plenty of gut ripping, head kicking and umbrella usage but he is still a clown after all. Noble is a stand-up comedienne and STITCHES is his film debut.

Other cast include: Thommas Byrnes as Bulger, Eoghan McQuinn as Richie, Roisin Barron as Sarah, Hugh Mulhern as Paul, Tommy Cullen as Dan, Lorna Dempsey as Mary, Jemma Curran as Jenny, Ryan Burke as young Tom, Valerie Spelman as Tom’s Mom.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give STITCHES three tubs of popcorn out of five. I love that this film basically makes fun of every clown trick ever but in such a gory way that bring laughs. Of course this film is totally over the top and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The story is hilarious that these kids would even go to another party at that house yet karma has to have its way and so does STITCHES. It will give audiences a whole new appreciation for dropkicking and ice cream scoops I can tell you that!

Dark Sky Films is one of the largest independent entertainment companies along with MPI Media Group that has a slate of the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs.

In the end – he’s the clown with a killer act!

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