Are you ready for family togetherness? The GI Film Festival San Diego brought all service men, women and their children together to share in director Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland and Warner Bros. land of “Storks.”

Storks are known for delivering babies but recently they have changed their delivery service to packages for Junior (voiced by Andy Samberg) is their rising star and number one delivery stork. He is noticed by top boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) who is moving up himself which means top boss position is open!

There is one thing keeping Junior for getting the job and that would be Tulip (Katie Crown) who isn’t exactly a stork, she’s human actually. When Tulip was a baby a stork named Jasper (Danny Trejo) accidentally broke her delivery device so she was raised with the feathered family. Tulip is also kind of different, oh lets say it, she is a walking disaster at times.

So Hunter wants Junior to fire, free, or release Tulip back to the human world in order to get the top spot. Instead of throwing Tulip to the winds, he secretly puts her in the mail room.

Then there is Nate (Anton Starkman), a young man who clearly announces to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Gardner (Jennifer Anniston and Ty Burrell) that he wants a baby brother. These busy working parents sort of laugh Nate off. That doesn’t stop the little boy from writing a letter to the storks.

When the letter arrives Tulip is thrilled and when she puts it in the wrong place it starts the Baby Making Machine. Out comes the cutest baby girl but it also sends Junior and Tulips into a panic. Knowing that Hunter will find out they decide to take the journey to make the baby drop of a life time.

Believing a baby is coming, Nate manages to pull his parents away from their wired in work to discover the fun, love and the true meaning of family.

On their trip Junior and Tulip learn from one another and when Pigeon Toady (Stephen Glickman) and Hunter try to take the big eyed baby girl – they are going to have to go through them!

The voices of Samberg and Crown as Junior and Tulip are so good together. Bouncing off one another I totally fell into the story. Aniston and Burrell as the Gardner parents are too busy for their son and Starkman as Nate takes matters into his own hands.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele lend their voices as the Wolf Pack. They are so funny that it’s hard to take them seriously as wolves until they kick into gang mode then they become a impressive furry bunch!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Storks” five tubs of popcorn out of five. Warner Bros. has a huge winner on their hands. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard at an animated film. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve laughed plenty at animated films over the last few years but this was ridiculous! I will never be able to hear the words “baby powder” again and not break out laughing. In fact I can honestly say that I’ve repeated it a few times since seeing “Storks.”

This animated film is an absolutely hilarious filled with vibrant color, a delightful story line, life lessons, stunning characters that are so funny that the audience was delighted from start to finish.

I sincerely cannot wait to take my granddaughter to see “Storks,” especially after watching with children of our military who were engaged, wide-eyed, and giggly. Their parents were awwwww’ing, laughing and smiling at their own children having such a good time.

“Storks” gives us love, friendship, family, understanding, and cuteness all wrapped up in a warm blanket and delivered to our hearts. Gather up more family and make an outing of it of the feathered kind as “Storks” lands in your local theaters this Friday.

In the end — its time to find your flock!



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