Coming to DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is another amazing story with STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: Fun Under the Sun.

This film tells the story of this fun group of girls knowing that summer is almost at an end. Strawberry plans on taking a vacation and Blueberry overhears it. Thinking that Strawberry is taking all the girls!

Blueberry makes a berry big blunder and now Orange Blossom tries to help her make things right by building a resort of their own! Together they build Berry Bitty City and it turns out beautifully! A little to good in fact when Mavis Maraschino, a TV host, decides she wants to do a show segment for Cherry Jam.

With so much going on will the girls ever get their fun under the sun?

FINAL WORD: How can anyone not love watching Strawberry Shortcake! Starting out as a little redheaded girl with freckles wearing a red dress with a pink bonnet that had strawberries on it, her adventures have changed so much.

What has not changed is the love of these sweet girls and the characters that continue to be added as the family grows! The adventures keep coming and trust me when I say I can remember my daughters watching this program when they were small. Now my granddaughter can’t wait to see if I have any new DVD’s of Strawberry Shortcake when she comes to visit! It has become a generational program which is awesome to me.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is a leader in entertainment content. The formats include DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD. To see more of what they have to offer visit For more Strawberry Shortcake go to

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: Fun Under the Sun four tubs of popcorn out of five. Once again Strawberry Shortcake brings home some of the core values we all want to teach our children. Strawberry Shortcake always brings friendship, loyalty, working together and respect for one another to their stories.

That’s important when families purchase DVD’s for their library and can feel confident that their children are watching something awesome. The animation is always so colorful and uplifting plus the added music brings smiles for sure. The special features of this DVD are “It’s A Beautiful Lovely Wonderful Day” music video and printable coloring pages.

In the end – it’s friends and fun!



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