Coming to DVD on September 25th from director Jonathan Glendening and WELL GO USA Entertainment is the ultimate STRIPPERS VS. WEREWOLVES.

This film tells the story of the Silvadollaz strip club! If that isn’t enough, things go crazy when one of the girls Justice, accidentally kills a man who turns out to be a werewolf. This means war for the werewolves and the girls are going to have to toughen up.

The only way for them to survive is to beef up on their werewolf killing skills before the next full moon. The leader of the wolves Jack isn’t happy and is looking for revenge. What surprises the girls even more is learning that their club owner has had some experience in handling crazy lycanthropes!

But a secret love exists between Justice (Adele Silva) and Scott (Martin Compston) and although he is supposed to obey his pack – he might have to go against them to save his love!

FINAL WORD: From the moment the film starts the viewer will know that this is an action-comedy, which seems a little twisted – well so is the film. There is plenty of something for everyone here as the gore is high, the wisecracks are constant, the love is kind of sweet and the gals are gun toting!

If your looking for anything more than you need to have a tune-up on the ole sense of humor. This film isn’t meant to be dissected and torn apart – unless you happen to be a hungry werewolf out to cut something up!

Other cast include: Lee Asquith-Coe as Vixens Punter, Robert Englund as Trapper, Steven Berkoff as Flett, Lysette Anthony as Jilly, Sarah Douglas as Jeanette, Alan Ford as Harry, Billy Murray as Ferris, Martin Kemp as Mickey, Barbara Nedeljakova as Raven, Alex Esmail as Sean, Simon Phillips as Sinclair, Dominic Burns as Alex, Nick Nevern as Franklyn, Rita Ramnani as Chastity, Marc Baylis as Carlos, Coralie Rose as Brandi, Joe Egan as Barker, Ali Bastian as Dani, Jude Poyer as Nutt and Jazz Lintot as Richard.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give STRIPPERS vs. WEREWOLVES three tubs of popcorn out of five. Lets face it folks this is a romp that is ridiculous, silly, good-looking women and Freddie Kruger gone wild.

Just get the guys together and be prepared for the worst best time in front of your television! The DVD includes a bonus feature of the Producers’ Commentary by Jonathan Sothcott and Simon Phillips and a behind the scenes look at the film.

In the end – when there’s a full moon the weirdest stuff can happen!



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