Coming to DVD from director Derek Lee Nixon and Well Go USA Entertainment in time for the holidays with a giggle is SUPERNATURAL ACTIVITY.

This film tells the story of the Supernatural Activity team of Damon Dealer (Andrew Pozza), Blair Woods (Liddy Bisanz), Pepper (Joel Oglesby), Brock (Donny Boaz), Doug (Devin Bonnee) and Mitzy (Lizbeth Waters Dewey).

Led by the semi-charismatic leader Damon, the gang roams looking for myths to debunk, look for ghosts and capture it all on film. Each person on the team has a special skill that they bring to the search.

Now with recently found footage in the woods, the team psych themselves up for some of the scariest (or funniest) finds yet.

FINAL WORD: Pozza as Damon Dealer is just ridiculous! Pozza is also the writer of the film and with his dark Chris Angel look it cracks me up as things fly over his head not only physically, but mentally as well.

Bisanz as Blair Woods is a little ditzy or is it dizzy? Oglesby, Boaz and Bonnee are hilarious every time they jump. Being the cute guy, Brock takes the more muscle than brains a little far. Dewey as Mitzy rounds out the cast of ghost getters.

Other cast include: Philip Marlatt as Tuck Thomas, Conely Michelle Wehner as Emily Sunflower, Kurt Wehner as Kurt Sunflower, Austin James as Isaac Sunflower, Brett Houston as Editor Brett, B.K. McKee as Dwight Schoot, Matthew Garth II as Shades, Billy Kring as Itchy Demon Victim.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give SUPERNATURAL ACTIVITY three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a total spoof on every show and personality that has become famous doing spooky paranormal shows. The humor can, at times, be a bit childish but that’s the point!

This comes from the creators of SCARY MOVIE so you know what your in for from the beginning. Making fun of films such as THE LAST EXORCISM, CLOVERFIELD, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and, of course, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

In the end – it’s a paranormal spooftacular!



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