Coming this week from Alchemy and director Timothy Woodward Jr., is a film where the clock is ticking and to save the city they call “SWAT: Unit 887.”

Officer Chris Cutter (Timothy Woodward, Jr., yes, the director!) manages to make it out of a raid and home to a wife who lives in fear everyday. Promising to take things easy, Cutter is assigned to a get together with Senator James Abrams running for reelection. Also at the meeting is Dr. Claire Landis (Emile Jo Tisdale).

That’s when Damian White (Tom Sizemore) and his mercenary team break slide into the party and all hell breaks loose. Taking Landis’ daughter hostage, Cutter manages to get Dr. Landis out and call it in to his boss Capt. Ryan (Michael Pare).

Taking over is FBI Agent Hamlin (Mischa Barton) who explains to Cutter that he must keep Dr. Landis away until White and his band of nasty men are stopped.

The clock and a bomb are ticking!

Woodward as Cutter puts himself in a character that is constantly on the move. Trying to keep a promise to his wife isn’t easy when the bad guys are constantly playing their own games.

Sizemore as White always manages to play a fantastic bad guy and this time is no exception. He is the calmest leader of the pack and even has nice phone etiquette which I tend to write off as crazy is as crazy does. It has always been interesting watching the characters he chooses to play.

Barton as Hamlin is a good FBI officer trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. The problem is she doesn’t know who the bad guys are! It’s good to see Barton on the screen again.

I love, love, love watching Michael Pare. This is the second time this month I’ve seen him in a film playing a cop. The other was “Checkmate,” where he is also the law and order leader who pumps up his group to get the job done. It’s fantastic to see his beautiful eyes once again.

Alchemy is an amazing independent distributor that brings all forms of entertainment through theatrical release, DVD, digital, VOD and television. The work of filmmakers such as Richard Linklater, Werner Herzog, John Turturro, Lee Daniels and James Cameron are available through Alchemy. Bringing home entertainment with such films as “Welcome to Me,” “Fading Gigolo,” “What Maise Knew” and “Rampart” give Alchemy thumbs up for me!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “SWAT: Unit 887” three tubs of popcorn out of five. The story has a few twists that I enjoyed and there is plenty of action. It is well filmed and doesn’t stop much to take a breath.

That being said there are a few things that bother me, the fighting/shooting scenes seem a little wonky. The close shootouts made me think ‘how close do you have to be to hit someone!’ yes I was yelling at the screen. The character of Dr. Landis nearly drove me nuts with her repetitive pleas for her daughter. Now don’t get me wrong, if someone took my kid I’d be hollering too but, in this case, not with the same pitch. Oh you have to hear it to know what I mean.

That being said this is the type of film to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon and might I suggest you get your hands on “Checkmate” to make it a double Michael Pare film fest.

In the end — nothing is ever as it seems!



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