On DVD January 22, 2013 from director Stephen Fun, writer Kuo-fu Chen and Well Go USA Entertainment comes an amazing story of a village taken to far with TAI CHI ZERO.

This film tells the story of Yang Luchan (Yuan Ziaochao), a young man who wants to learn Tai Chi from the man who created it Master Chen (Tony Leung Ka Fai). Immediately he runs into resistance as the Chen village refuses to teach outsiders what they know.

Yang is persistent and Angelababy (Chen Yunia) becomes interested in the young man. As much as the village turns against Yang, he comes back stronger and more determined. This comes in handy when another villager Fang Ziing (Eddie Peng) wishes to modernize the Chen village.
This doesn’t sit well with the villagers and a battle begins between the old ways of Tai Chi and the modern iron machinery with unexpected results.

FINAL WORD: Ziaochao is amazing to watch as Yang Luchan. This is a martial arts film lovers dream to watch such action, suspense, drama and comedy into a quick paced film. At 95-minutes there isn’t a moment to be spared in telling the story.

Fai as Master Chen is the sculptor of Yang’s life and that of the village who trust him. Downplaying his role is a little Yoda-ish and I really enjoyed that. Peng as the town bully doesn’t start out that way but sure doesn’t have a problem ending up that way.

Yunia is lovely as Angelababy but dangerous nonetheless. There is a total sense of empowerment in her role mixed in with a charm that is endearing.

The DVD includes behind-the-scenes, music videos and trailers. This film is from the creators of IP MAN which is also an amazing film. The choreography for TAI CHI ZERO is from the martial arts legend Sammo Hung.

Other cast include: Qi Shu as Yang Lu Chan’s Mother, Daniel Wu, Shaofeng Feng as Chen Zai-Yang and Jade Zu as Master Xiu.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TAI CHI ZERO three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly did enjoy the simplicity of the film yet there are moments of total beauty in the filmmaking. The story telling is solid and this is definitely a film for martial arts lovers to enjoy.
It is definitely a period piece and well worth waiting for the sequel TAI CHI HERO. I hope they keep with the period piece feel and action that makes TAI CHI ZERO something pretty special.

In the end – they must trust a stranger to save their way of life.

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