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Opening in theatres this Friday from director Seth MacFarlane and Universal Pictures an unusually loving story about a man and his “Ted”.

This film tells the story of John a young boy who grew up without many friends. One Christmas he receives a big, huggable teddy  bear he names Ted, and then wishes for Ted to be real. The next morning his wish comes true.

Fast forward as John (Mark Wahlberg) works for a car agency and is in a relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis). Ted  has also grown up into John’s t.v. watching, pot smoking, rough housing pal who shares a deep admiration for the 1980’s Flash Gordon. Lori wants John to be so much more and feels Ted is in the way of that.

Finally, Lori gives John an ultimatum; it is their relationship or Ted. In the shadow lurks trouble in the form of Donny (Giovanni Ribisi), a slightly off centered individual who wants to make his own son happy and wants Ted.

That’s when chaos and laughter walk hand in hand!

FINAL WORD from Movie Maven: Wahlberg is innocently funny as John. Not wanting to grow up in many ways, Wahlberg continues with his ability to be as young as he feels.  Even his obsession with Flash Gordon has me cracking up because it represents a pretty cool time indeed. It is also painfully obvious in a hysterical way that this was a fun role for him to take on with a no-holds-all-out-no-filter MacFarlane.

Kunis is the anchor of the film and still as lovely as ever. As Lori the frustrations of watching her long term relationship depend on the whim of a fluffy bear is funny and understandable. I mean seriously, women don’t have enough competition in the world without Seth MacFarlane making it rougher with a bear guys can relate to?

And Seth, oh Seth, you have probably taken the last vestiges of cuteness in the world and made it impossible for anyone to see a bear as cute ever again. Prime example, shopping for a cute and cuddly plush animale for my soon-to-be grandbaby, I wondered what Seth would make it do. Thanks dude!

Other cast include: Joel McHale as Rex, Patrick Warburton as Guy, Matt Walsh as Thomas, Jessica Barth as Tammi-Lynn, Aedin Mincks as Robert, with cameo appearances by Norah Jones, Tom Skerrit and Sam T. Jones. The film is narrated by Patrick Stewart and done awesomely funny as well.

FINAL WORD from Film Brat: Every stoners fantasy! A teddy bear that curses, offends and smokes bongs – what more could anyone ask for – seriously!

TUBS OF POPCORN: We give “Ted” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I shouldn’t have to say this but the film is NOT a children’s film. Ted may be cute and cuddly but it doesn’t mean kiddies should embrace him.

With that warning said this film is HILAROUS! There is no doubt that anything with Seth MacFarlane as the helm is going to be funny, controversial, and cause the utterance “oh my gawd he didn’t just say that!” He put the right cast together in a story that I would have expected to come from MacFarlane. It is crude, rude and social unacceptable and is a must-see for anyone looking to laugh.

There is something to be said for immaturity and Ted allow us to be just that. We need to say this as well, expect to see it twice! There is so much laughing going on  things will be missed but seeing it twice isn’t a bad thing either.

In the end – best friend’s come in all shapes and sizes – and stuffing!



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