On DVD from director/writer John Chi and Grand Entertainment is the thriller that comes with TENTACLE 8.

This film tells the story of Ray Berry (Brett Rickaby), a NSA analyst who is investigated after a computer virus takes out the CIA networks. Taken away he is put through torture to find out what and who he knows that might be responsible.

In his cell Ray worries about girlfriend Tabitha (Amy Motta) who is a CIA Agent. He thinks they might be after her but then again doesn’t really know who to trust. Once released he begins to piece together and see that everything is connected. More than that – he discovers people aren’t what they seem.

In the search for truth, protecting the truth is a journey in itself.

FINAL WORD: Rickaby as Ray is the perfect choice for this character. There is something about him that he can carry both being a government analyst and a victim of circumstance. I have to say it was difficult to watch his prison scenes but Rickaby does an outstanding job of bringing the viewer with him – whether we want to or not.

Motta as Tabitha is another good choice in the film. She has the likeability yet the mysterious features. I’m not sure I trusted this character from the get go but it was awesome to follow where Motta was taking me.

Why did director/writer Chi make the film? This is what he had to say, “At the time I started to write TENTACLE 8, the United States had invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and stories were leaking about human rights abuses and secret military camps with a global economic crisis. I made the decision to write a movie set in and around these major conflicts hoping to make some sense of it all and offer some unique perspective of everything I believe and cared about.”

Other cast include: Alfred Adderly as Private Geiger, John Knox as Kendall, Dick DeCoit as General Roth, Darin Cooper as Agent Darko, Rod Britt as Neil Frost, Ayman Samman as Ahmad, John Churchill as Murdock, Matthew Borlenghi as Rolland, John Whitaker as Garrett and Bruce Gray as Man in the Fisherman’s Hat.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give TENTACLE 8 three tubs of popcorn out of five. This really is a different type of thriller in that keeping up if half the fun! It takes a bit to understand the ride but by the time all the pieces start coming together it’s like the ride has become a frakken good rollercoaster!

The cast does there job well in keeping the viewer wondering who and what is about to happen and more importantly who and what is doing all of it. Clearly not the biggest budget in the world but that’s what makes it even more cool – didn’t need the trappings but instead gives the viewer a story to work with!

Everyone who takes the time to view this film will understand how things can become so complicated in the world view of what has happened these last few years. It is interesting that Chi decided to take up pen and give it some voice.

In the end – everything is connected!



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