Opening this Friday in theatres from director Todd Lincoln, Time Warner and Dark Castle Entertainment comes a fear of THE APPARITION.

This film tells the story of Ben (Sebastian Stan) and his partner Patrick (Tom Felton), paranormal researchers who try and repeat a 70’s gathering that later became known as “The Charles Experiment”. The results are devastating for everyone.

Years pass and Ben is living with girlfriend Kelly (Ashley Greene) in the outskirts of the Palm desert. They are enjoying life together but all to quickly things change. The house begins to take on a life of its own and Kelly doesn’t know why.

Ben does when he begins receiving urgent calls from Patrick. The experiment they began needs to end.

FINAL WORD: Stan as Ben plays a pretty straightforward a character. Trying to stay as far away from the original event as possible only proves what you run from will find you eventually!

Felton as Patrick is the mastermind who brings out the evil and can’t contain it. His mind moves as fast as his speech trying to explain how everything happened and how he tried to keep it at bay.

Greene as Kelly knows her parent’s house isn’t haunted but whatever has invaded her home is pure evil. Greene didn’t waste any time jumping into this role and with a moment or two of creepiness she held her own.

Lincoln, the films director spoke of the film by saying, “I’m always very hyper aware of what horror films are out there and what’s been done before. One of the things that separates our film is that it is a fresh new way approaching it from a different direction and adding a little bit of this scientific theory element.”

Continuing with the special affects aspect, “The way I wrote the script and envisioned the film I am coming at this in a very serious grounded way where it was important for me to do as much stuff as possible with practical effects and physical effects. In most cases the old school way is the better way and it feels and looks more real to the audience.”

Other cast include: Julianna Guill as Lydia, Luke Pasqualino as Greg, Rick Gonzales as Mike, and Anna Clark as Maggie.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE APPARITION three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is the type of horror film that you don’t realize how much you’re waiting for something to happen until you jump! It’s a good horror movie feeling when you jump, look around to see if anyone else did and then giggle to yourself because you have once again survived a scare!

I truly, however, do wish there had been more of the ‘apparition’ in the film. I don’t mind tension and stress in a storyline but make sure the thing making us scared, besides our own minds, is there to remind us why we are scared in the first place.

Finally Lincoln describes the shooting of the film, “This is really an original American serious cinematic horror film shot on 35 mm, which is not a give these days. We shot on vintage 235 anamorphic late 1970’s lenses. My cinematographer, Daniel Pearl, who shot the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was there in the trenches with me and we got along great trying to make this as grounded as possible.”

In the end – you believe and you die!

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