Coming to DVD from director Linshan Zhao and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a beautiful story of love, loyalty and secrets with THE ASSASSINS.

This film tells the story of, a young girl Ling Ju (Crystal Liu Yi Fei) who struggled from childhood as one of those who were abducted and trained to be an assassin. Along with her love Mu Shun (Tamaki Hiroshi), they are sent to infiltrate the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty.

The Prime Minister is Cao Cao (Chow Yun Fat), a great warrior who is keeping his eye on the Han Emperor Xian (Alec Su). There is a prophecy that says when the four elements align that a new dynasty will arrive which has Emperor Xian beside himself.

Cao Cao knows there are enemies within and without his circle. But a man of caution he is also a man of reason and when the four stars align above the Bronze Tower – all secrets will be revealed!

FINAL WORD: Chow Yun Fat is stunning as Cao Cao. There is such a presence felt when he is on screen and in full costume. It is clear he is much more intelligent than the emperor yet every move he makes is deliberate and full of emotion. The scenes between Cao Cao and Ling Ju are beautiful as well.

Fei as Ling Ju is tough as nails but at the same time delicate and ridiculously lovely. Again, every move she makes is deliberate yet thought out and laced with love and loyalty. Fei does a wonderful job portraying Ling Ju.

Hiroshi as Mu Shun is such a sad character and hard to watch. His life changed in the swoop of a sharp knife but nothing changed his loyalty to Ling Ju. Su as the Han Emperor Xian is just purely comical in such a sad way. Its hard not to root for Cao Cao to just take it all but he’s just not that kind of Prime Minister.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE ASSASSINS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is truly a beautifully done film and the costuming is amazing. The story is tragic and filled with such sadness surrounded by such beauty. The cast is stellar and each plays their part telling their own story while meshing with the story of all the characters.

Adding to the story is the luscious set and amazing costuming that director Linshan Zhao rightly placed that tell their own story. Kudos when a director does that very thing!

The DVD contains the bonus features such as a behind the scenes and trailer of the film. This is brought by Well Go USA Entertainment who is an amazing theatrical and home entertainment company bringing the best in Asian Cinema to North America and THE ASSASSINS is definitely one of them!

In the end – some prophecies come true in their own way!

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