Opening in theatres this Friday from director Jay Chandrasekhar, writers Peter Baulke and Gerry Swallow along with Millennium Entertainment comes “The Babymakers.”

This film tells the story of Tommy (Paul Schneider) and Audrey (Olivia Munn), a couple who have been married for a few years and are ready to have a family. After months and months of trying it is time to seek professional help.

Tommy is less inclined that his sperm is absolutely fine and has a good reason to believe so. This puts the pressure on Audrey to prove that it isn’t her plumbing that needs fixing. Once the results are in Tommy must come to terms with a few secrets he’s been keeping from Audrey.

With the help of his friends Wade (Kevin Hefferman) and Zig-Zag (Nat Faxon), they hire Ron Jon (Jay Chandrasekhar) to retrieve what rightfully belongs to Wade! Of course nothing is ever as simple as planned!

FINAL WORD: Schneider as Tommy starts out making me laugh. Never did I question his acting ability, but more thought it was going to be difficult to carry the main character with such comedic talent sharing the frame with him. Not the case! In fact, Schneider has no problem going toe to toe with anyone! The fact that he is so willing to put himself out there in some very uncomfortable situations puts him high on my list of ‘must watch’ actors and hope he does more comedy!

Munn as Audrey also managed to hold her own quite well. Her scenes with Schneider are hilarious. She is so sweet and totally believable as a wife who is ready to have a baby. Now most don’t have her problems (and I’m not going to give anything away here) but she handles them exactly as one would expect a wife too. I give her props for that.

Nat Faxon as Zig-Zag is one of those friends we all have. He stands back and watches everything that happens around him and occasionally opens his mouth – and when he does its comical and out of the blue. Faxon not only accomplished this, but does it with flair.

Kevin Heffernan as Wade is the go-to guy. As Tommy’s friend he not only comes up with the oddest solutions to his problems but goes in guns blazing! He wants what’s best for his friend and has no problem taking anyone out of the equation to get the job done. Which is where Ron Jon comes in!

Jay Chandrasekhar as Ron Jon was a pleasant and welcome surprise to see. Yes, I had a Farva/Thorny momentary rush of SUPER TROOPERS and who wouldn’t? I mean seriously, it is a cult classic and beloved by millions – and I do mean millions. Once the moment passed, Jay had me once again laughing myself silly. As Ron Jon the Indian mobster he has moments of toughness followed by a dedication to Tommy’s sperm plight. Classic and hilarious!

Other cast include: Aisha Tyler as Karen, Hayes MacArthur as Leslie Jenkins, Wood Harris as Darrell, Desi Lydic as Julie Helena Mattsson as Tanya, Coliette Wolfe as Allison, Constance Zimmer as Mona and M.C. Gainey as Officer Malloy.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE BABYMAKERS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is a funny film with underlying serious relationship issues. I actually know a couple that joke like Paul and Olivia’s characters and admire their ability to do so. That being said, the jokes are funny, the story is tender and it is just plain fun to watch.

This is one of those films that is a wonderful surprise all around. From cast to writers to director there is something here for everyone. Go with a sense of humor and leave with a sense of romance!

In the end – she’s fired up and he’s firing blanks!



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