Conflict continues after war’s end
Book series follows adventures in the Balkans after the war

BUDAPEST, Hungary – When a war has ended in a region, it doesn’t always mean that the evil has left as well. For one officer, it simply means the start of another battle.

A new book series, The Balkan’s Angels, chronicles the aftermath of years of bloodshed and genocide during the Balkan Wars. There are still war criminals that need to be brought to justice, and a soldier, Tom, is recruited to track down the worst of them.

Authors Peter Tarjanyi and Rita Dosek are European natives and have had first-hand experience with conflicts in the region. Tarjanyi was an ex-SWAT team officer at the time of the Balkan Wars, and many scenes in the books are loosely based on his experiences.

“Most of the action novel authors are just traveling around the world, sitting in coffee shops and finally they start to hit the keyboard… It is different with Tarjanyi. The action was his own life,” Tarjanyi and Dosek say.

The first installment of the series follows Tom as he seeks the true reasons for war and uncovers secrets of the illegal drug market present. As he tries to catch those that have perpetrated injustice towards the people in the Balkans, he must also decide if members of his team are loyal.

The Balkan’s Angels II – Diabolical Bond is a continuation of Tom’s adventure. Just when he thinks he is finished with his adversaries, he finds that his enemies have plans to kill him and his unit. In order to clear his name and save his life, he must reunite with his unit to fight for his life.

The Balkan’s Angels shows readers the truth about the events in the Balkans and their effects on the region. While they may be fiction, much of the action is based on true events. According to the authors, “…it is not possible to read it as fiction only, because it is a true story.”

In the tradition of 24 or the Jason Bourne series, The Balkan’s Angels is a thrilling adventure following a soldier and his team’s pursuit of justice.

The Balkan’s Angels I
By Peter Tarjanyi and Rita Dosek
ISBN: 978-1-4697-8142-6 (sc); 978-1-46978-144-0 (hc); 978-963-89396-0-9 (e)
Paperback, $26.95
Hardback, 36.95
Ebook, $7.50
Approximately 504 pages

The Balkan’s Angels II – Diabolical Bond
By Peter Tarjanyi and Rita Dosek
ISBN: 978-1-46978-145-7 (sc); 978-1-46978-147-1 (hc); 978-963-89396-1-6 (e)
Paperback: $27.95
Hardback: $37.95
Ebook: $7.50
Approximately 536 pages

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About the authors
Peter Tarjanyi began his career in the Police Regiment and has also worked for the FBI Academy National Training Center. He was involved with a SWAT team during the conflict in the Balkans. He now works in the private sector and enjoys writing fiction. Rita Dosek holds a degree in civil engineering and is CEO of her own company. She was previously one of Tarjanyi’s students in military and police training programs. For more information about the authors, visit



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