‘The Beginners Bible, Volume 4’ arrives on DVD from Time Life!

Time Life has brought together animation with stories that are filled with such fantastic life lessons with “The Beginners Bible, Volume 4.”

This DVD is the next set of stories told through animation and based on the best-selling children’s book The Beginners Bible. Told in a non-denominational setting, these stories are of values we want to instill in our children of courage and inspirational faith.

The Story of Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph is a young man living in Egypt surrounded by jealous brothers. They sell Joseph into slavery never realizing what God has planned. With the ability to interpret dreams, Joseph comes into the Egyptian Kings house and becomes a trusted man among men.

The Story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Daniel travels to Babylon as God also gives this young man the ability to understand dreams. Each challenge brings him closer to his faith as well as a den of lions.

The Story of the Battle of Jericho

On the way to the Promised Land, the tribes of Israel must battle Jericho using more than just weaponry to do so – they reach for faith!

Bonus Story: The Story of Jonah and the Whale

God asks Jonah to spread the word of faith but instead, Jonah wants to do what he wants to do. Leaving on a ship he heads into a storm that almost leaves him for dead – if it weren’t for a very special whale.

This is a DVD that is truly meant for the entire family and worthy of being a significant part of the family library. The best part of owning these is the fun watching each volume time and time again. My family happens to take pleasure in watching animation and The Beginners Bible series gives us the added bonus of enjoying timeless stories told in such a fun way.

For more of what Time Life has to offer your family library please visit www.timelife.com. There you will find the best of television, comedy, family series and music so there is something for every member of the family.

TUBS OF POPCORN: Of course I give “The Beginners Bible, Volume 4” five tubs of popcorn out of five. Time Life has taken stories that are so full of lessons and given them an endearing platform that are splashed with color, lessons, love and even moments of humor.

The 90 minute DVD has an additional 30 minutes with the bonus story and can be seen in English and Spanish. I was asked which of these is my favorite and, to be honest, I could not choose just one. They are each so well told, beautifully animated, and engaging, well done Time Life!

If you are looking for an entertaining way to bring the stories of the Bible to your family, “The Beginners Bible, Volume 4” is one of the best ways to do it.

In the end — timeless stories come to animated life once again!



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